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These are objects which are imbued with magical protective properties which are used to ward off curses, bad luck, illness, loss, or evil.

When used, the user is able to experience health, happiness, prosperous life, and protection during rituals and work of magic. During the ancient times, amulets were used to protect people from evil spirits. There is a belief that, all things are controlled by invisible forces which are either good or bad. They are natural objects of unusual colors or shapes with magical properties which are inherent, but with time, they became more diverse. Different cultures have unique ways of designing and making amulets fashionable. Symbols such as like seals, animal shapes, rings, and plaques were typically worn.

What Does The Word Amulets Mean?

It originates from the Latin word which means defense – amuletum; when the amulet has inscriptions, it is normally referred to as charms and it is normally one item.

This can be worn anywhere on the body, but in most cases, people wear the amulet around their necks. In a coven, an amulet is used by group members or an individual to protect them during spell casting, protect the buildings or homes, to guard the tombs, or to repel evil spirits. Those witches who practice magic believe powers are stronger if they wear an amulet.

During ancient times in Babylon, Egypt, Assyrian, Arab and Hebrews. There is no ritual which should be carried out without the practitioners wearing an amulet.

The Egyptian culture considered amulets as an integral part of their culture.

They wore the amulet's in spell casting. It was believed to assist in protection against evil and was also associated with the scalable beetle and resurrection after death. It was an item which could offer everlasting life to the user; the frog was used when protection of fertility was required; for protection against evil, good health and comfort, the eye of Horus was the ultimate solution.

How It Was Prepared By Arabs?

To come up with an amulet, the Arabs used dust from the tombs which they then placed in small cloth bags and carried them around as protection against the evil spirits. Written prayers were also carried around the amulet - together with magical names and symbols. For Hebrews, they wore crescent moons in order to protect themselves and they had bells attached to their clothes so that they repelled anything that was unwanted.

For the Assyrians and Babylonians, cylinders seals were embedded with precious and semi-precious stones with each having its own magical numbers and words. The amulets were considered to be very powerful.

The animal shaped amulet’s such as the bull, which was used for strength and virility. Amulets have eyes engraved on them as a symbol of protection against the evil spirits which are found on walls, tombs, utensils, and jewelry. For extra protection against the evil eye, horns and hands symbols are widely used on amulets.

Magical words and numbers, names of gods are very common place on amulets in order to enhance their protection effect.

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By Florance Saul
Feb 10, 2017