Alexandrian Tradition

Alexandrian Tradition

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A new-age pagan practice or form of witchcraft that was developed by Alex and Maxine Sanders. This was a splinter from the Gardenarian witchcraft practices.

This was a splinter from the Gardenarian (see – GARDENARIAN TRADITION) witchcraft practices.

The Alexandrian tradition includes concepts of high magic (ceremonial magic) and Kabbalah together and independently. The concept of the tradition focuses largely on dual equality and the polarity between the genders.

The main differences between Alexandrian and Gardenarian traditions is that the Alexandrian tradition is far less rigid than the Gardenarian tradition differences for the uses of tools, names of elementals, and even some technical creational differences pertaining to the creation of ritual space. Alexandrians have an attitude of ‘If it works, use it’ which was a phrase used by Maxine Sanders herself.

Much of the two teachings are intertwined, however because of the differences, as well as the Gardenarians desires to separate themselves out from the Alexandrians, the schools of thought are contained wholly within each tradition separately. Alexandrians are witches or Wiccans, depending on who you ask. The ritual and religion within the tradition can be confined within Wicca as it has all of the parts of the religion represented, therefore someone can be an “Alexandrian Wiccan” – a term which denotes the religion and the tradition that a person will follow.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012