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The fifth element and the memory of god. All-encompassing energy or spirit of the God and the Goddess. (Hindu origins) . Sanskrit – Space or Sky

Akasha has it’s roots in Hinduism but has been adopted by neo-pagans, witches, and Wiccans as well.

Essentially it is the creationary force in the world or spirit and it is considered to be the first true material essence that was put forth in the astral world. Pagans tend to adapt this world as the fifth element represented on the pentagram (see – PENTAGRAM) where the top or main point is formed.

Often Akasha is referenced as an interchangeable word with spirit, as it is more of a preferential word that can differ slightly from practitioner to practitioner. It is important to distinguish the two though, because spirit is more of an ethereal essence, whereas when the word Akasha is used there is more substance to the seemingly invisible force.

Within the Akasha there is knowledge and understanding as this is also where the Akashic records are stored, so therefore it is also a source of divine consciousness. 2. A Sanskrit word meaning Space or Sky. Often the word will show up in pagan or goddess poetry and when it is referenced in this way it has a more physical meaning referring to the vastness of the sky or heavens.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012