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The earth element that represents thought, movement, processing, and inspiration.

The element of air represents the Easterly direction (see QUARTER and WATCHTOWER) and represents thought, wisdom, reason, and intellectual pursuits.

The element itself can be helpful in assisting with quelling anxious or disrupted thoughts when it brings clarity, but like all elements there needs to be balance.

Air is balanced out by the other four elements (See ELEMENTS) of fire, water, and earth. 2. Air Sign – such as someone that is born under the zodiac of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. 

There are three star signs whose element is air. These star signs are: Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. The element air rules three houses. These houses being the third, the seventh and finally the 11th house. 

Most people born under the air sign have much intellect, common sense that others fail to have. They love to investigate to understand human nature. This sign is very much focused on communicating, especially between strangers. Therefore, the perfect job for a person that is either a Gemini Libra or Aquarius is investigated journalism or police force careers. They enjoy reading about ways to progress themselves. 

The most important trait of those that carry air as an element, is the fact that they try and seek balance. Like air passing through the window they wish to dazzle, while being calm and reassured they are the wise ones. 

They are able to easily put themselves into another person's perspective. The star signs are bright, happy, and approachable. Just like the wind they can also blow in different directions dependent upon the situation. This makes them somewhat indecisive when it comes to having to reach important decision.

The Sylph is known as the “occult spirit of the earth.” Let's now look at what this actually means in relation to air. The Sylph comes from the term that was discovered in the 16th century. There was a writer called Paracelsus who wrote much work on alchemy. Basically, he suggested that spirit is invisible and is an entity of the air. They are supposed to be associated with clouds as a race like Elves or Fairies. There has been association that the Sylph is connected to the human being. They are supposed to look like humans. The only differences is that they have wings, very much like angels. The wings themselves are extremely long. They are a hermit in nature - but when somebody calls on them for help it creates a devoted relationship. They are sometimes mistaken in the sky for birds of prey. They are supposed to fly through the skies looking to uncover something or someone that will allow to use their skills. 

Often someone will refer as having a lot of ‘air in their chart’ or ‘air in their astrology’ and they are referring to the proponent of zodiacal signs that are air signs within their astrological make up or that many planets were in a position to be under the influence of one of those signs. The concept of the energy is still the same as a person with much air in their chart is often going to be thinkers vs. doers. 3. Referring to an elemental type (see ELEMENTAL or SYLPH) that is of the air – Air Elemental.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012