African Witchcraft

African Witchcraft

Uncover hidden spiritual meanings

The practice within African Tribal traditions, known to be a part of the accepted supernatural landscape and tends to be something which is feared.

There are multiple theories on witchcraft in Africa, as it drums up images of tribal voodoo and exotic dancing with incantations that can cure or destroy and witchdoctor personas.

However, Africa, much like the countries of Europe and America is going through its own Burning Times (see BURNING TIMES) of sorts.

There are parts of Sub-Saharan Africa that are being accused of bewitching whenever something happens to tribes that is not beneficial and thus people are killed for inane actions. In other parts of Africa witchcraft is blamed for AIDS, terminal illness, and mental illness.

That being said, the landscape of African witchcraft is different than what America and Europeans are used to. Perhaps because of technology or the lack of medical advancements, witch doctors and healers are still heavily relied on.

Much of the craft within Africa is healing, empowerment of the individual, and divination practices. Generally the term ‘witch’ is not used in Africa to denote one who has magical powers or that can commune with spirits. Witches are evil entities and many of the countries and tribes have their own word to describe that is usually akin to medicine healer or wise person.

By Florance Saul
Oct 2, 2012