555 Angel Number Meaning

555 angel number

What is the spiritual meaning of 555?

Have you checked out a clock and it says 5:55? Or maybe you just keep seeing 555 in phone numbers, addresses, or receipts throughout your day? Some feel these are more than coincidences - they are messages from the universe or spirit guides. These sequences are known as "Angel Numbers," and they are thought to carry profound significance.

So, in my view, Angel numbers are numbers that repeat themselves. If you are seeing 555 often then this relates to change in life. A book by Doreen Virtue called Angel Numbers written in 2005 outlines that digits are repeated (such as 555) come from our angels. There is so much to you seeing 555 and if this comes to you in a dream or you just keep seeing this over and over it means changes are underway.

What does the angel number 555 mean?

The energy of 5 as I have said above is associated with adventure in life and also that change is coming. 555 together equals 15 which also has a 5 and adding this together equals a 6, which means that positive change and good luck are coming. According to Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher, every planet has a specific number. Pythagoras believed that different numbers have different vibrational powers and affect our lives differently. And, this is what numerology stands for. It explains the spiritual significance of numbers. So, if you’re constantly seeing 555, read on because I’ll provide a detailed explanation and what this means to your life.

The spiritual meaning of the number 555

After doing my research, I came to a conclusion that the number 555 stands for these 5 things.

  • Change.
  • Travel.
  • Exploration.
  • Freedom.
  • Power.

Triple 5 represents changes; if you see it, your life will change soon. You will experience deep inner transformation and personal growth. Meaning, you might find a new job or move into a new home. Seeing 555 offers might also represent opportunities. According to the Bible, number 555 represents redemption and grace. It’s the number of Unity and Jesus Christ. If you haven’t noticed, we have 5 toes, 5 fingers, 5 body extremities, and 5 senses, meaning number 5 represents the wholeness of human beings. If you see this number constantly the biblical meaning is that you are taking life for granted. 

If you keep seeing 555 this means you need to grab the next opportunities that come your way. However, overall, number 555 represents necessary and major important changes. However, it also represents rebellion, independence, action, variety, adventure, expansiveness, innovation, constructive freedom, adventure, and new experiences. It also symbolizes the 5 senses of the human being. Although it’s a combination of masculine and feminine traits, number 555 holds a more powerful feminine nature. Meaning, it brings unpredictability, movement, and important changes. If you’re seeing number 555 constantly, it’s because you need to learn to adapt to new changes and accept the fact that nothing can stay exactly the same forever. No matter if you’re in a good or bad place right now, know that everything can change in a second.

555 is a sequence that beckons change, a wave of transformation that is riding toward you. In numerology, 5 represents freedom, exploration, and the winds of change. If tripled as in 555 it becomes more potent and resonates with new beginnings, chances, and personal growth.

I like to think that 555 means a clear message: "Get ready for the ride of your lifetime!"

What is the biblical meaning of 555?

There are no direct references to 555 in the Bible as such but devotees make connections between biblical numerology as well as angel numbers. The number 5 itself is important; It is often associated with grace and God's goodness in scripture. Shamans are spiritual healers in many indigenous cultures is an omen for change and adventure. It may mean shedding old skins - like a snake - to enter a higher state of consciousness and being.

555 can evoke different superstitions in different cultures and systems of beliefs:

  • In many Western cultures, the number 555 is associated with (as I have said many times before) change and opportunities.
  • In Thailand, 5 is pronounced 'ha', and 555 slang is for hahaha or laughter - a sign of joy and good luck.
  • In Wales, folklore 555 means you must act and make decisions that effect the change you want.

What does 555 mean in astrology?

If you’re wondering what’s the astrological sign for the fifth house which is Leo. It stands for innovation, strong energy and enthusiasm, and signals that change is coming.  People born with a 5 in there birthdate have a life full of action. In Tarot cards, the fifth card in the major arcana represents the Hierophant. Which represents the Pope, the High Priest, or the Shaman. On the rider waite deck it shows a man (in religious clothes) raise a right hand holding a crossed keys, triple scepter. The scepter stands for control over the body, mind, and soul, while the keys represent the balance between the physical and spiritual world. The Hierophant is something like a spiritual guru so this number is super spiritual in nature.

What should I do if I see the number 555 constantly?

If you’re seeing number 555 constantly, you should prepare yourself to experience big changes. As I told you before, this number stands for changes and transformation, in general. It has other meanings too but this is the most significant one you should take into consideration. Number 555 is probably trying to encourage you to stop doubting yourself and let go of your fears. Or face your biggest fears because once you do it, they will lose their power over you.

Number 555 also represents your best ability to make significant choices and life decisions without much hesitation. Seeing 555 on the clock (maybe your mobile phone) might also represent a message from your guardian angel. Or your intuition. It’s the same thing because everyone’s angel hides inside their soul and controls their intuition. Number 555 is probably begging you to listen to the universe and follow your gut about something you’re currently thinking of doing or planning to do shortly. It’s telling you to embrace changes and opportunities. On the contrary, seeing 555 on a number plate means your life will improve thanks to cool changes happening, fresh ideas you need to realize, and career opportunities.

Seeing the number 555 might also appear in your life to guide you. If you’re starting a new life, moving someplace new, or changing your job, number 555 is encouraging you to do it. Change your lifestyle and you will change the way you feel. Seeing 5 is a clear sign of the universe trying to establish contact with us.  Seeing the number 555 twice in a day also represents your higher self. And your higher self is telling you to take some time to listen to advice and apply the ones you believe will change your life for the better. Also, you’re being advised to do self-analysis and self-inspection to know yourself and you will realize why the universe is trying to contact you.

To see the number 555 repeatedly isn’t a coincidence, just like seeing other numbers and patterns. As I said before it’s a message from the Universe. However, seeing number 555 in particular means that you should sync with your higher self and express your true personality. Once you do it, your life will change for the better. Also, if you’re wondering if you’re walking the right path, the Universe says that "you are" and you’re going to be fine as long as you follow your intuition, your inner voice to guide you through life. And remember, you’re not alone in this world.

  • Guardian Angel: Seeing 555 indicates a reminder from your guardian angel. You’re being reminded of how wonderful and divine you are because you seem to forget it all the time. It will boost your confidence and show you that you’re worthy of everything you wish for. Everyone is born with a purpose. And that is to make this world a better place. 
  • Major changes are coming your way: If you’re constantly seeing number 555, be prepared for changes because this number is all about transformation and new beginnings. Perhaps your prayers will finally be answered and your life will turn around. Number 555 appears to remind you that change is healthy and it’s not a problem as many people see it. On the contrary, if you’re smart and keep an open mind, you will realize that change can mean opportunity and a fresh start. This number also appears to remind you that it’s all up to you in life. If you’re feeling miserable, it’s your fault. If you’re feeling happy, it’s your merit. You’re the one in control of your life, so stop acting like someone else has the right to tell you what to do. Number 555 also represents an opportunity you should grab. It’s a chance to increase your spiritual growth and grow as a person. And remember, everything in your life doesn’t happen to you, but for your sake.
  • Trust the choices you’re making: Although No. 555 represents an indicator of change, it’s also a reminder to trust your instinct and the choices you’re making. Do things that your soul is telling you to do and there’s no chance to get lost in the strange world. Remember that the Universe is always working in your favor. 
  • You’re being negative: Do you want a positive life? If yes, you won’t get it with a negative attitude and a negative mind. What you think, you attract. No matter what you’re facing or going through currently, keep the smile on your face and never give up on yourself. Also, you might be holding back your emotions and it’s making you feel miserable and depressed. Express how you feel, no matter the consequences. Ask yourself if you’re in a toxic relationship if you’re constantly seeing 555. Or if you’re doing something that doesn’t align with your beliefs.
  • Spiritual awakening: If you’re seeing 555 frequently, you might going through a transformation and spiritual awakening. You’ve started feeling uncertain about something you once believed but it doesn’t align with what your heart is telling you it’s right. You’ve lost direction. However, it’s happened so you can find the right path to walk in the future. Losing your beliefs and changing your opinions on certain things will help you become more conscious of everything around you. It will help you heal the wounds from the past and raise your positive vibration.
  • Spiritual adventure: Number 555 also represents a spiritual adventure you’re about to take. If you want to learn more about yourself and increase your spirituality, this is the time. The Universe is sending you on a spiritual journey that will change your life for the better. Let go of all your beliefs and opinions on different things and just go with the flow. You will be surprised how easy and free you will feel afterward. Try meditation, yoga, or outdoor activities. Your guardian angel will be there to watch your back and keep everything in order. I also feel this can be a sign that you’re being reminded of the good side of your personality. Maybe you have been dealing with negative people but this is a sign that shows the aspects of change are coming.

Closing Thoughts

The number 555 reveals that you may be experiencing some inner change and it’s affecting your life in a positive way, even though you don’t want to admit it. You question your beliefs and opinions all the time. And it’s helping you gain insight into life. And get a new perspective. To see the number 555 all the time means that you’re ready for spiritual enlightenment. However, it might be because of these seven reasons too.

By Flo Saul
Mar 20, 2024