111 Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism

111 Angel Number

111 Angel Number Meaning - Why Are You Seeing It?

Did you know that all around you are guardian angels looking down and guiding you? Have you been seeing the number 111 lately? Maybe on a license plate, telephone number, or even the time 1:11! If you are questioning the meaning of this number then look no further I am going to help you. 

I have received so many emails from people asking for advice after seeing 111. I think it is useful to devote this specific article to understand this more. Number one is an interchangeable number and if they are tripled (111) then this can most certainly mean a new start or beginning in the future. I like to think of 111 as an angel message. I have detailed reasons you might be seeing 111 in this article but as a quick guide:

  • You are seeing 111 because a new start is on it's way.
  • You are seeing 111 because of a new love in your life.
  • The advice of 111 is that you must have more confidence.
  • The biblical meaning of 111 indicates the holy spirit - don't let negative emotions get in the way!
  • And, finally, seeing the triple number 111 frequently reveals your deepest emotions, fears, and thoughts, and that you are going full-cycle in regards to a new beginning. Every time you see the 111 number, it means that you should slow down, and think about life. 

What does it mean to see 11:11?

There are many things that come to people's minds when they see 11:11. For some, it's comparing a strawberry to a tomato - they're both good for you, but bring different vitamins to the table; for others, it's embracing this weirdly aggressive path of invigoration that often bears fruitful results. For the grumbly cynics among us, it's even an invitation to see beyond our pre-existing beliefs and investigate the strange possibilities humankind can offer. If you believe in 11:11, you're in for a wild ride, so stop praying and embrace all these new opportunities!

In life we celebrate events, go through hard times, encounter joy but also loss and we can (at times) often feel lonely. Angels are constantly with us and so too is their guidance. A number is a celestial message of their presence and the angel can help guide and protect you, in order to transform life, guide you and make our bumpy road on this life plane better. According to Doreen Virtue who wrote a book about angel numbers which I love reading, angels help us experience our own presence in life. Firstly, one must believe angels exist and secondly we must recognize “angel” signs. Understanding the signs will provide us with a key to the angelic realm and send to the angel the message that we as human beings are listening. As a medium clairvoyant, I have worked with numbers for many years and our guardian angels, destiny or the Universe can send us messages daily in number format.

If you’re a skeptic who doesn’t believe in this don’t worry still read my article. I will share some of the most surprising reasons why you might be seeing number 111 recently. It doesn’t matter where you saw the number, the sequence of 111 is a number that you just cannot ignore.

I am also a devotee of pythagorean and sacred numerology and have been studying this for around 10 years. In fact, there is nothing I enjoy more than doing workshops with my medium circle on how angels communicate through number.

The number 1 alone is associated with personal development, a new beginning, a fresh start, awareness, and high consciousness. To see double 1 indicates the universe is sending you a warning sign, that you will experience a spiritual awakening.

Every word and emotion you present to the world can attract a huge amount of different feelings. For example, if you’re sending out positive vibrations towards someone, you’re sending energy to that specific person. This can mean that you wish to initiate communication. And as I mentioned before, the number 111 is a number of new beginnings, relationships, a fresh start and meeting new people. My question to you is that if you are seeing this number, ask yourself if you want to end something old and begin something new?

Seeing number 111 might happen due to several other reasons that are far more important than the ones I’ve mentioned so far. 

111 Angel Number Love

I am quickly going to mention love. Number 111 is a sign that you should pursue your dream. Number 111 is also the number of connections and relationships. If you’re seeing this number often, it means that you should pay more attention to the people who’re always there for you. Nurture your friendships and your love relationship if you want them to last long. Otherwise, you might lose the people you love, while trying to accomplish your dreams. For some people, this might not be that important. However, I have the feeling it’s important for you. If my intuition is wrong, just keep doing what you’re doing and point the focus toward the things that you consider as a priority. It’s your life and dreams, after all.

Reason 1: 111 indicates that you are going full-cycle 

I’ve touched on this earlier, however, I wanted to explain in more detail. I honestly believe that if you keep seeing triple 1, you’re most likely going to start something new in life. Angel numbers beginning with 1 allows us to overcome monumental challenges. The number 1 appears when we need to visit a sympathetic and harmonious vibrational plane. In order to achieve success you will need energy, and focus. According to our life cycle we can manifest out own future. 

Reason 2: 111 indicates that you are in charge of your own destiny 

The number 111 is normally presented when you are being taught by your guardian angel or someone in heaven that you’re the creator of your “destiny”. Most people aren’t even aware of the fact we attract what we so. We all create our physical reality. However, not everyone is aware of how strong our mind really is - and the power it gives you. If you’re seeing 111 over and over, the Universe wants you to know that whatever idea or project you currently have can be achieved. Also, this number means that you will meet different people who will be willing to help you in the process. Keep in mind, that every emotion, thought and vibration you’re sending to the Universe, will come back and reflect your life at some point.

Is seeing 111 positive or negative?

I believe this number is positive. As I have said before, I feel there will be 3 new beginnings on the horizion. A few people have asked me this question. I do feel that 111 is associated with our new beginnings. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. Whatever you think or feel, you attract. I recommend that you change your mindset and meditate on areas of your life you want to achieve, instead of focusing on elements of life you don’t have. 

How to use 111 in your life?

If you think about “negative” elements in the past, you will attract similar situations. Also, you will put yourself in challenging situations and make mistakes. So, in order to avoid this, focus on what makes you happy. The number 111 tells us to focus on the future.

Having a positive mindset indicates the transition from an “unaware and unconscious” person into a more aware person. Remember that number 1 only divides by itself. The bible considers the number one as a unity between God and Jesus himself.

Reason 2: You’re strong enough to put your past behind you and start fresh

I have mentioned several times that the angelic number of 111 indicates a new beginning but when you keep seeing the number one it is because you need a fresh start. You might be seeing the number 111 because not only do you need a “new beginning” but you need to learn how to control your life, your emotions, thoughts, energy, and reality. The number 111 teaches one that what you experience is a result of your own feelings and thoughts.

Reason 3: Express your individuality and connect with your higher self

The angels believe that number placement and sequences hold a secret meaning and three or more digits are of importance. The number 1 can represent the heart of the matter in life. If you’re seeing number 111 repeatedly, it might mean a possible lack of self-motivation. Also, you might doubt yourself and your capabilities. However, you shouldn’t be negative because we all have potential. 111 is the number of spirituality, individuality, and change. So, it’s time that you change your life and how you think about yourself. Number 111 denotes the inner transformation that you’re about to experience. However, because of multiple 1’s it means that you need to focus right now on accomplishing your own dreams and goals. 

Seeing number 111 frequently means that you should allow your inner child to take over the control. It’s time that you have fun. Experience different things without worrying about tomorrow. If you feel trapped, remember that freedom is a state of mind. You choose if you’re going to feel free or trapped. Inner peace depends on your state of mind. It’s not something that can be found in a place or a person. It’s something that you can achieve by connecting with yourself and realizing that you’re born independent, you’re born free.

The other key message is to trust the Universe. Everything that’s happening to you is a part of your spiritual path. Whatever or whoever you encounter should teach you an important lesson. If something feels too hard to achieve or overcome, know that the Universe knows how much you can handle and would never throw something at you that you can’t overcome. Believe in a bigger plan. Believe that whatever happened and is about to happen will make you better.

Reason 4: You’re a born leader who’s about to make a difference in the world

As you know, number 1 is the first number and represents leadership. So, if you’re seeing a pattern of this number like 111, you’re probably a born leader. Also, you’re probably ready to make a difference in the world and leave your mark. If you have an idea that you want to pursue, this is the time to do it. According to the signs, like seeing number 111 often, it will be the best thing that you’ve done so far. And luck will follow you around. In fact, you will feel lucky all the time. Seeing number 111 frequently means that the Universe is trying to enter your life and point you in the right direction. However, it’s up to you if you will use the given opportunities. Most people are too scared to grab the opportunities coming their way, thinking they’re undeserving good things. Others miss out life opportunities, thinking that life’s messing around with them, scared that things will go south if they step out of their comfort zone. Some are scared of success but not you. You’re born for success and bigger things. You just lack courage. And the Universe is trying to encourage you with 111 that you’re seeing so often. It sends the number of new beginnings and leadership in order to remind you that it’s time for something new. And that you won’t fail if you give it a try.

Reason 5: Step back and look at the bigger picture

Those who notice number 111 frequently, the Universe is probably asking you to step back and observe your situation. No matter if you’re going through a breakup, failure, financial loss or something else, observe what you’re going through from another perspective. And a solution will appear. Also, seeing this number means that you’re finally ready to start a new life, build a new career, move someplace new or start dating other people. If you’re seeing 111 all the time, you’re probably not very happy with your current living and emotional state – sorry to say!

The advice of 111 can mean that at times you may lack excitement, passion, and motivation in daily life. However, the only way to make your life more exciting is by letting go of what’s making you feel miserable. This is a sign that you need to step towards your future and new life, and you will feel reborn. Most people never make the first step and end up dreaming of what could have happened until they grow old and leave this world. However, you’re not one of them.

What is the advice of seeing 111?

You got this. You can do this. If you have a project then you need to focus on dreamers, influencers, and people who encourage others to do the right thing. Also, if you’re seeing number 111 often, you’re probably focused on unimportant things while neglecting what’s really important. Instead of solving the smaller issues, focus on the bigger picture. Step back, chill and observe your surroundings a little.

Reason 6: What’s your soul purpose?

Maybe you’re entering a new life phrase or you’re scared to do so if you keep seeing this number 1 in your everyday life. Either way, the Universe is trying to tell you that you’ve done the right thing, or you’re about to do the right thing. Number 1 is the number of fresh starts and new beginnings. So, entering this phrase was necessary for your personality to develop and your potential to grow. I do feel that you will be given an opportunity that’s too good to miss. However, it is up to you if you accept the calling or not. If you don’t accept the calling and refuse the spiritual awakening, you’re going to feel even emptier than you do at the moment. 

Reason 7: Have you met your soul mate yet?

Last but not least, the final reason on my list is that you may meet your soul mate. As you probably know, love is what makes this world a better place. Love is what we live for. And if you see number 111 frequently, you probably lack love in your life and feel lonely. However, that’s about to change very soon. You will meet someone new and exciting who will change your life forever, someone you will fall in love with at first glance.

If you haven’t met your soul mate yet or you’re in an unhappy relationship/marriage, it will all end soon and you will finally experience real happiness. He or she will be your best friend and lover at the same time, something that you consider to be impossible right now.

Alternatively, seeing 111 means that you’re missing out some important opportunities at the moment. You’re too focused on what you don’t have in life, that you’re missing out the small and valuable things that give your life meaning. 

What should I do if I’m seeing number 111 all the time?

First of all, you don’t have to do anything. You’re not forced to do anything. However, if you want to improve your life, listen to the things that this number has to say and apply the tips I’ve shared with you. If you’re not familiar with the law of attraction, read more on the subject in order to learn how to control your thoughts, emotions and create the perfect life for yourself. Also, it’s very important to share your knowledge and wisdom with those who know less and enlighten those who wish to change their life for better.

When you notice that number 111 is appearing in your every day, it’s time for looking at all the reasons I have mentioned. Analyze yourself, your soul purpose, your current situation, your life, your beliefs and opinions on different subjects, and your life goals. Also, don’t be afraid to express your individuality. Instead of being ashamed of your worries and imperfections think about your biggest strengths. 

The biblical meaning of number 111

I would also like to share some interesting information I’ve found regarding the biblical meaning of 111. Number 111 is considered to be the number of foundations and beginnings.

If you’re seeing number 111, biblically you are encountering emotions because you’ve learned to hide them so well, that you’re always considered as the person who’s indifferent about the things that happen around you. 

The number 111 also represents the Holy Trinity, seeing the number often means that you’re being protected by God. He wants you to know that you have his support, no matter what you do. However, don’t let the devil enter your heart and manipulate your mind. Also, 111 is the number of happiness, creation, and leadership, according to the Bible. 

I hope you enjoyed my meanings of the number 111 and that you understand now the reasons why you keep seeing this in your life. In summary, seeing the number 111 constantly represents your fear of change and transformation. If you’re scared this means you need to focus on your own potential. Instead, embrace change in life. You might start questioning yourself. When you keep seeing the time 1:11 it can indicate that you need to ask the following question: “What do I really want to do in my life?” Most people avoid questioning their own personality, opinions, values, and emotions. This is because you might be concerned about connecting with your higher self. Number 111 is the number of revolution, self-expression, and self-awareness. It suggests that you should focus your energy into something you love doing, something you’re passionate about.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. So, if you’re currently working towards a goal the number 111 indicates that you will get there. 

By Florance Saul
Apr 9, 2019