0000 Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism

0000 angel card meaning

Angel Numbers And Meaning of 0000

0000 angel numbers mean in my experience, that abundance is coming to you and things have gone full-circle.

Did you know that angels are with you at this very moment - continuously - all around you? Angels guide us in regard to spirituality, life, and our innermost thoughts. At times angels can show us important signs and one of these signs are number sequences. Clocks, phones, license plates, and cars are all but a few areas where the angel can communicate. If you have wondered about the number 0000 you are not alone. In my medium workshops, many people have raised the question of seeing the 0 number sequence and I am here today to explain what it means. Let's first get back to basics what does seeing 0 mean?

The number 0 is generally connected to:

  • Gods force
  • Prayer
  • The beginning
  • Self-confidence
  • Universes energy
  • Alpha and Omega (beginning and end)

However, if you are seeing a "sequence" then this is rather significant. Maybe you are seeing 00, 00:00, 000, 000 or 0000. All these sequences mean something from an angelic perspective.

  • To see single 0 over and over indicates you need to connect with your inner high self.
  • To see 00 is a message to guide you in life and that you need to make a decision.
  • To see three 000 together in a sequence generally means that you can get everything you wish in life but you are still reviewing your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Seeing 00:00 as time on a clock indicates the message of a new start from your angel.
  • Finally, the four-digit sequence of 0000 occurs when things reach a conclusion. I am going to focus on what 0000 means in this article.

The significance of the four digits 0000

I do feel "four-digit numbers" are important signs. In the book I read in dept called “Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue” the author believes that sequences still have the same meaning. However,  tend to not agree with this, as per my meanings above. I believe that each sequence has its own meaning. 

For example, one 0 is not as significant as seeing, for example, a five-digit 0 - 00000. The more 0 that are seen the more important the message. Also, seeing more than one 0 can indicate that you need to embark on a mission and go for it. In later sequences, I do agree with Doreen that we add the digits together e.g. 00 added to 99 could mean that you need to ask your spirit guide.

I do feel that it is an “important life incident” when you keep seeing zeros. It could be that seeing 0000 happens on a regular basis. It is unclear where the superstition of 0000 began, I will offer a hearty explanation of the number 0000 now. The number 0 is the universes way of giving you significance to daily life. To keep seeing 0000 all the time, may have a big effect on you about your spiritual direction. 

No matter if you saw number 0000 on a license plate, telephone number, picture, TV or somewhere else, it has an important message for you. Number 0000 can be characterized into the numbers angels use to communicate with people.  Angels can provide possible messages. First and foremost, the number 0 symbolizes cycle, eternity, infinity, Alpha and Omega, and most importantly, it symbolizes the perfection of God. Let me expand this slightly.

Going full-circle

The 0 is representative of the end, wholeness, universal energy and basically that everything has gone around in a circle. The four digits is connected to releasing something that has finished. As people, we are multi-dimensional and have many different facets of life. The four 0s indicate that you are being connected to your higher self and could be tested going forward.

Angel number 0000 is connected to God

Most people associate angel number 0000 with the force of God. So, when you notice this number around you some say that God is trying to remind you of his presence through your angel. You’re probably seeing number 0000 because you’ve forgotten about God. If you aren’t a believer, maybe it’s time that you revalue your beliefs and give God a chance.

However, being reminded of the presence of God isn’t the only purpose and meaning of this number. Seeing angel number 0000 frequently might also mean that you must end something old, to begin with, something new, something that will make an impact on your life. Noticing number 0000 means that you’ve been a witness to something that started and ended recently. However, it’s time to move on and focus on what actually matters.

What is 0000 associated with? 

Angel number 0000 is associated with life and death as well as life. However, this doesn’t give the number 0000 holds a negative meaning. On the contrary, it symbolizes the cycle of life. Also, if you keep seeing this number, you might encounter an unpleasant situation or things may end. It may also refer to the ending of some negative, toxic and depressing period of your life. It can mean that you need to review your life, maybe a divorce, break up or a fresh start in a relationship. Another meaning of the angel number 0000 is warning you of possible disappointment.

What’s the general symbolism of Angel number 0000?

As I mentioned at the very start of my article, the main symbolism of number 0000 is associated with God. However, due to this being 4 digits associated with the cycle of life and a new challenge, exiting uncomfortable and unpleasant, negative situations and being reminded of what is actually important in life.

When you see angel number 0000 on a license plate you should ask yourself: “Am I feeling grateful for the opportunity to enjoy all the beauties that this strange world has to offer?” If yes, that is great for you. Your angel is probably trying to communicate with you and wants to be happy and prepared. 

Other meanings of Angel number 0000

Except for the meanings I have already mentioned, the angel number 0000 symbolizes prayer, meditation and eternity. 0 is the number of eternity because people have claimed that it symbolizes God and the power of God. Also, every other number associated with 0 denotes universal energy.

Spiritual awareness

If you’re seeing angel number 0000 3 days on the trot - frequently, it may denote your spiritual awareness. Or trying to remind you that you should develop spiritual awareness. Instead of taking everything as it is, question people’s opinions, rules, and beliefs. Also, question your own own beliefs, limitation, metal barriers and opinions about everything. 


Number 0000 may be a message that you need to boost your self-confidence as well. It can mean that there is a message you are smart, special and unique. Seeing the angel number 0000 may also be associated with certain aspects of your personality. Also, it may be connected to your intuition in order to avoid the usual mistakes that you make on a daily basis. 

Does 0000 mean Possible Danger?

On rare occasions Angel, number 0000 might also warn you of possible danger. Actually, if you’re seeing another digit associated with 0 or angel number 0000, in particular, you might be receiving a message from the Universe. Pay attention to your surroundings and “trustful friends”.

What is the Message of 0000 from your Angel? 

Angel number 0000 wants to remind you that everything that you wish for is possible. You have the skills and mind to accomplish everything you ever wanted and create the perfect life for you. 

According to experts, seeing angel number 0000 might represent yourself and conclusion. It could simply be that your guardian angel has noticed that you’re feeling depressive at the moment, and your angel wants YOU to start believing in yourself again.

What is the 00:00 Time Meaning

I have mentioned before that this number is associated with full-circle and completion. If you’re currently working in a job you do not like, the angel number 0000 wants you to focus on what you really want to do and create great things. If you see angel number 00:00 on a clock or the time it means that you’re about to achieve success or completion. However, you have to remove judgments or mental barriers if you want to free your creativity and just let it flow. 

What is 0000 Angel Number Love?

Well! Number 0000 is ruled by Venus, known as the planet of love. So, seeing this number often means that you’re already in love or might fall in love.

The number 4 symbolizes family, while angel number 0000 is the number of conclusions. Means, it symbolizes people from your past and karma. So, if you’re seeing this number frequently, it might represent your past life and something that you might have done in previous lives. 

To be in love and see the number 0000 suggests that you have already met your soulmate. It can mean not paying enough attention to yourself. Most people who see angel number 0000 have golden hearts and hope to find true love. However, you’re almost always drawn to people who’re not good and right for you.

0000 Angel Number Work?

When it comes to work, seeing angel number 0000 might refer to your dissatisfaction at work, an unpleasant or challenging boss. As I already mentioned 0000 indicates a conclusion and also a new beginning. Seeing 0000 can mean that you need to address issues and difficulties with some challenging colleagues.

However, as I already mentioned it also means “full-cycle” this can indicate that angel number 0000 might suggest that you need a new job or you need to change your mindset in connection with the atmosphere at work. Try not to focus on people’s opinion and focus on your own success and achieving success. Last but not least, an important interpretation of number 0000 is a fresh start. For example, you may need a fresh start in life. A guardian angel normally sends number 0000 to notify you the end is coming. So, do not hesitate and make a change if you feel you should.

Interesting facts about Angel number 0000

Angel number 0000 stands for different things. And since the beginning of time, it has been associated with many dark and wonderful superstitions. For example, ancient scientists consider it to be the number that makes up for the absence of other numbers. For example, 102 and 209 and so on. This implies that 0 symbolizes fresh start, new beginnings, and chances.

Did you know the number 0 wasn’t accepted as an actual number for a long time and it took 2 millennia to accept it as one of the regular numbers in India? According to the Indian culture, it’s a number that symbolizes absolute peace, like “nirvana” or the state of nullity.

The secret meaning and symbolism of Angel number 0000

I have probably mentioned this before in this article, but the meaning of number 0000 also stands for talent, confidence, and abilities. So, if you keep seeing this number, your guardian angel might want to encourage you to follow your dream. It wants you to know that nothing is impossible for an open-minded, creative person such as yourself. Also, angel number 0000 might also appear in order to help you solve certain issues that you have been dealing with recently. 

I do feel our guardian angel gives us messages in life, and the 0000 means you have support and you should try to focus on yourself and take chances that might improve your life. 

Advice from seeing number 0000

I want to leave you with some advice on how to use this number if it comes you’re your life. Number 0000 is connected to the angelic and spiritual realm, you should think about your inner intuition and keep a book handy so you can review and write down your thoughts.

It may be that there are emotions that you are feeling and you need guidance from your angel. Identifying your true goals is also important, especially at mid-day when the clock reaches 00.00. I recommend taking a long soak in the bath (Epsom salt) is a great ingredient. This will remove toxins and help uplift your soul. Turning to numerology, 0000 indicates the end. Think about what elements of your life needs to end!  I hope you liked this article and blessings, Flo.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2019