Saint Martha

Saint Martha

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Martha of Bethany has featured in some of the gospels in the bible, specifically John and Luke.

She has two siblings namely Lazarus and Mary with whom they live in a village identified as Bethany which is near Jerusalem. The notable event that relates to this saint is the witnessing of Jesus resurrecting of her brother Lazarus form among the dead.

Requesting petitions for the following:

  • Love
  • Happy home.
  • Keep a partner faithful.
  • Money problems.
  • Feast: 29-Jul.
  • Day: Tuesday.
  • Candle/Emblem: Green and White and a dragon.
  • Matters Concerning: Money problems, domestic problems, to draw love, to keep a partner faithful, and beat ememties. Patroness of housekeepers, happy homes, innkeepers, and dieticians.

Believes of the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholics have for long been contrasting Martha’s younger sister Mary with Mary Magdalene, this calls for extra information for Martha too.

There are two ideas that we get from Saint Luke and Saint John. According to St. John, Lazarus, Mary, and Martha are said to be staying in Bethany. However, St. Luke has not come out clearly as such but has given an implication that at one time; they must have lived in Galilee.

Note that Saint Luke does not directly tell us the name of the town that they lived in but there is a probability was Mary Magdalene.  Reading the gospels of John (11:1) the idea of change in residence seems to be possible.

On the hand, there is possibility the Saint Luke has eliminated what he refers to in the tenth chapter of the book. The similarity displayed by St. Luke and St. Luke is highly significant. There is very close relationship between Jesus Our Lord and the three siblings as we can see on reading the story form the two books.

The faith of Martha is shown to be growing each day Jesus visits. We can even see Martha telling her sister to go and greet him while referring to him as the master.

Comparing the two sisters

We see that Martha is much close to Jesus tan her sister is, for instance, the event of the raising of their brother, Jesus meets Martha before he meets Mary and there is quite some significant significance on the way each of them receives him.

As soon as Jesus arrives, Martha goes to meet him before he even reaches their home while Mary just stays at home and waits for him to arrive. Mary even waits until she is called by her sister. However, both of them do regret why Jesus did not arrive early enough and they tell him so. Jesus answer Mary as if to calm her down while he addresses Martha in a much different tone which seems more advisory that comforting.

Feast days

Among the believer of the Roman Catholic Church, the feast is celebrated on 29th July. This feast is quite unique and in the Tridentine Calendar, it has been categorized a "Semi-Double", in Pope Pius XII’s General Roman calendar, is was rated a simple feast while in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints, it has been rated a mandatory memorial feast.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012