Saint Helen of Jerusalem


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The saint is also referred to as Saint august, Saint Helen or Helena of Constantinople. She was the mother to Emperor Constantine. Most of the traditional theories have associated her to  the True Cross.

The sainthood of Helen

Various churches have the consideration that she is a saint and the churches include Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran Churches, Oriental Orthodox and the Anglican communication.  The orthodox church observes both saint Helen and Saint Constantine’s feasts on the same day, May 21st, similarly, other churches that include the Lutheran and Anglican have observing the feast on the original day(Eastern date), as for the Roman Catholic Church the feast is celebrated on August 18th.

Requesting petitions for the following:     

  • Return of a lover.
  • Love
  • Feast: 18-Aug
  • Day: Friday
  • Candle/Emblem: Red or Pink. A cross.
  • Matters Concerning: Return of love, love, and overcoming of sadness. Patroness of archaeologists

Relic discoveries

During his reign, Emperor Constantine, made an appointment in which his mother became Augusta Imperatrix, this position fully enabled her access to the treasury so that she could deal with all relics of Christianity.

History then holds that, Helena traveled to some of the most holy places in the land of the Palestine’s, there are claims that she oversaw the building of tow well known churches ion the area namely ; the church of olives and the church of nativity which were built on the spots in which Jesus was born and ascended from.

In another instance, Saint Helena is said to have initiated the construction of a church in Egypt to commemorate the exact spot in which Moses saw the burning bush when he was being called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

Helena has been said to have ordered the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem as it had been greatly destroyed by Emperor Adrian who had constructed an idol temple over the tomb of a Jesus, the temples was dedicated to the either of the planets Jupiter or Venus.

Helena is said to have ordered the demolishment of the idol temple and then chose an excavation site in which three crosses were discovered. Helena was a woman who could not believe anything before seeing it. There is claim that on one instance she ordered that a woman who was sick be brought to the crosses.

On being carried to the site as she was almost dying, she touched the first cross and nothing happened but on touching the other crosses, a drastic change in her health occurred, she then concluded that the true cross was then one with more powers. The emperor Constantine then ordered for the building of a church in the area that the cross was discovered to be in. Helena built several churches all over the kingdom.

In The United Kingdom, there are more that twenty five holy wells that have been dedicated to this Saint. She has also been named as the patron saint of two chapels in Abingdon and Colchester.

The coat of arms for the Colchester Township has given her an honor by including a cross and three nails in the coat of arms. In Nottingham, the coat of arms has been made to resemble the cross and nails too as the city has been linked with the Saint’s father.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012