Our Lady of Regla

Our Lady of Regla

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Regla was the parking point for other salves from Africa.

It was situated in Havana District just outside the walls of the city where religious diversity was tolerable and this explains why there were quite a good number of religious cults in the area. Manuel Antonio who was from Peru had attempted to built the most initial chapel there in the year 1690, it ended up successfully only to get destroyed later by a hurricane some two years later. The storm put the life of some Spanish navigator in too much risk that he swore to offer the title Our Lady of Regal on getting to the land safely.

Requesting petitions for the following: 

  • Money problems. Fertility. Protect children.
  • Feast: 7-Sep
  • Day: Friday
  • Candle: Blue
  • Matters concerning: Fertility, money problems, and protection of children

Our Lady Of Regla grew to be the a patroness relied on by a good number of Afro-Cubans, however, Our Lady Of regal is also the patroness of the entire Havana city, the capital of Cuba. This shrine is not as beautiful as such despite the fact that it has a careful interior layout in which the altars have been coated with gold, regardless of that, this is a very important shrine in which several hundreds of miracles have taken place through the intercession of the virgin Mary.

How does Our Lady of Regla help us? 

There are a large number of themes which have been associated with this icon and they include relationships, kinship, fertility, protection, love, kindness, the moon and devotion. There are a good number of symbols that are linked with Our Lady of Regla, these symbols are the crab, blue and silver colors which are her favorite colors, the moon and fish.

She is believed to be swimming in the summer rains while bearing various traditional lunar energies that include life mates, family unity and fertility. Drawings depict that she is a mermaid, in the astrological signs she is the cancer. The cancer sign in astrology means that one has a big compassion, need for unity in their families and ruled by moon. How you may use the powers is dependent on the needs you are having. Eating a crab or a fish helps to increase you fertility and empathy.

For you to get some extra assistance from our Lady of Regla, give her yams as an offering before you go to sleep. Virgin of Regla is named after some Spanish city named regal. In the city is a big image of this Virgin which is named Virgen de Regla. The city found next to Havana in Cuba was as well named Regla and the patroness was the one and only Virgen de Regla. The statue for Our Lady of Regla in Spain ‘Virgin de Regla, “was put up under the orders of the emperor Constantine (354-430) but was later moved to the southern parts of Spain by a deacon after invasion of the city by vandals.

It was put up In Chipiona and venerated by the local clergy who were the Augustinian canons as well as the African hermits.  However, it was forced down in the 18th century; some monks hid it in a cistern until the country was liberated some centuries later. The Virgin Lady showed up herself to a cannon fighter who hailed from Leon by pointing out to him the spot that the statue was lying in. Once more, devotion to Virgin de Regla resumed, the place the cistern in which the statue was hidden in and the fig tree next to it are located was named Humilladero.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012