Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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Virgin Mary was given this title when playing her role as patroness in the Carmelite order. Christian hermits living in the Mount Carmel 12th and 13th centuries were among the initial Carmelites. In the middle of their hermitages, they built a chapel as a dedication to Mary, the Virgin. They conceived him the Virgin as “Lady of Our Place”. In Chile, Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the patron Saint.

Requesting petitions for the following:            

  • Protection from accidents.
  • Protect from death.
  • Feast: 16-Jul
  • Day: Saturday
  • Candle: White or Brown
  • Matters concerning: Invoke protection from sudden death or accidents. Patroness of Chile

From the onset of the  15th century , the common devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel has been based on the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel which can also be referred to as Brown Scapular, this can be said to be a sacramental that is linked to the numerous promises to help any believer who constantly wears it. An early belief goes that Mary the Virgin offered this scapular to some Carmelite of the time whose name was Saint Simon Stock.

The first feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is believed to have taken place in England as the 14th Century was drawing closer to the end. It was to give thanks to Mary who was acknowledged as the leader of the Carmelite Order for all the assistance she had offered them all through the existence of then Order.

At times, the feast is referred to as the "scapular feast" by quite a good number of the catholic followers. It also has links to the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This is a devotional sacramental that signifies the wearer’s allegiance to Mary and relation with the Carmelite Order.

It is said that, back to the 14th century, a Saint named Simon stock who was later to lead the Carmelite order experienced some vision in which Mary offered him the Brown scapular. This scapular was closely linked with much of the Carmelite habits and people held beliefs that on dying while wearing the scapular, they would be saved.

It’s quite normal if the people would relate the scapular, the popular division and the Carmelite feast day as being part of paying allegiance to Our Lady of Carmel. However this is not the case for the liturgical feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as there is no proof it had links with the brown scapular or even the vision of Mary the virgin.

There have been widespread criticisms on the reality of Simon stock’s vision with quite a large number saying his story was somehow doctored

The Devotion of the Carmelites to Mary

Carmelites hold perceive Virgin as an ideal example of whom all the religious stock should imitate, they support this by the argument that she was the only human being who was close to Jesus. She is the one who directs all the believers to Jesus. They also have a prayer for the Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel

Teaching of the church

The divine worship and discipline for sacraments resolved that on receiving the scapular, one becomes an automatic member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is obliged to all the practices and rules that govern it. The scapular has been said be a Marian Garment and habit and as thus both a pledge and a sign.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012