Our Lady of Mercy

Our Lady of Mercy

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For quite a long time now, several believers have been asking for the assistance of Virgin Mary while referring to her as the mother of mercy, this has placed them under the gentle care of the Mother of Mercy.

Requesting petitions for the following:

  • Justice.
  • release from jail.
  • Feast:  24-Sep
  • Day: Sunday
  • Candle/ Emblem: White
  • Matters concerning:  Needed justice and release from jail

Looking at the writings of St. Maria Faustina

One of the Saints that gives us the encouragement to pray constantly to the Mother of mercy is Maria Faustina Kowalska, this is by reading a passage that she wrote in her diary which helps to show us how Mary is a merciful mother all the time. On taking a closer look at all of Saint Maria Faustina’s writings, then we will realize four ways that Mary is merciful to the believers.

To start with, Mary is the heavenly Mother of Mercy since it is through the Immaculate Conception that she underwent that we found our Lord Jesus. By choosing her to be the bearer of the lord, God purified her to be a holy being. Through God’s mercy, we get the divine grace that assists us to get the heavenly favors that are responsible for all the good happenings in life. Mary the Mother of Mercy is out mediator in this case.

When we read St. Luke in the New Testament, we get some idea on this issue, we see that, when god’s Captain Angel Gabriel was addressing Mary, he used the words, “hail, and full of grace” but in Greek language, in this case it means one who has been transformed by the grace.

Looks at it from the Christian perspective, there is no way that God’s grace can be external, it has to take place inside a person therefore transforming them fully. The grace of God is a gift that fully fills the believers, souls. From the time Mary had an encounter with the Angel Gabriel, her souls was filled with the heavenly grace from every dimension.

Angel Gabriel, on realizing that she was filled with the grace, went on to tell her that she has been favored by God. Now that she has the favor in front of the Lord, she is the mother of mercy who mediates between us, the sinful and the Most Holy God in Heaven.

The Immaculate conception of Mary is one of the greatest actions of mercy that God has ever done to the humans; this created a good link between the heavenly master and the wicked humans, though Mary the Mother of Mercy and Jesus Christ. Our heavenly father of Mercy selected Mary to be the Mother of Grace and Mercy right form the time he chose her to bear his son, Jesus Christ.

In summary, by the grace of God, Mary was made the Mother of Mercy and by the Immaculate Conception made to bear the Holy Savior, Jesus. The world was saved through God’s divine Mercy; Mary is the Mother of Mercy to who mediates between us and the Heavenly master.

The lord God’s grace made her his masterpiece on the earth, this was through the special gift given to her and that is the baby she bore, who is Jesus Christ.  Thus we can refer to her as the Mother of Mercy at all times as the mercy was manifested through the acts of Jesus Christ on earth.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012