Our Lady of Loreto

Our Lady of Loreto

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The Lady of Loreto is the official title of the Virgin Mary. There is a statue made from Cedar Lebanon and is known as the black madonna. Basically the Lady of Loreto, Virgin Mary and black madonna are all the same. There are in total about 500 black madonnas in Europe, I visited one once in Rocamadour. She was amazing and yes I prayed, my prayer came true. 

Our Lady of Loreto is the patron of airline pilots and protects against travel. This has also been associated with flight attendants. The shrine (main one) is found on the Adriatic cost of Italy which is a few hours from Rome.  There is a story of Loreto started in 1472 and is known as the House at Loreto. There are so many historical documents that have been lost in Italy.

When it comes to Christian love, houses are of essence. Luckily, the house in which both Mary and Jesus were conceived has been traced. The house is said to have been miraculously transported form its original place which is Nazareth to Dalmatia, which took place in year 1291. In another miraculous event, the house was again relocated to Loreto which is in the north eastern part of Italy. Asking God to pay a visit to this holy house is among the few best things that a catholic believer can request from God.

Requesting petitions for the following:

  • Protection for traveling.
  • Peace in the home.
  • Help to find a place to live.
  • Feast: 10-Dec
  • Day: Saturday
  • Candle/ Emblem: White
  • Matters concerning:  Protection when traveling by place, peace in the home, and help in finding a place to live. Patroness of aviators.

One of the greatest privileges a Catholic can ask God for. This way, they will enter these house and witness the house in which Jesus grew in. Several Saints have visited the house and the Popes have been giving it blessings all through the history. Saint Therese of child Jesus was filled with Joy beyond expression on visiting the site.

How the house was translated

As the 13th century was drawing closer to the end, there was news in Europe that the holy land had been lost to the Christians, in the two centuries they were able to keep the Latin Kingdom by just running the crusades. This was painful experience for the church, however, they found the only reason to rejoice and this was; the house in which Jesus was born in was brought to them from Nazareth by God’s captain angel Gabriel. All the circumstances that surrounded the transportation of their house are mysterious; however, quite many of the believers believed that it was transported by the heavenly angels. It was everyone talk those days, inside the house, there was a statue of Mary and several other religious objects.

As the residents of the area were celebrating these, there was another miracle that left them shocked; their bishop who was ill, in critical condition was completely healed. All the time, he had been praying to God for the ability to witness the prodigy, in a mysterious event, Mary made an appearance to him and gave him the ability to see and know what was going on. She revealed to him that the house was her birthplace; also that it is the place that Angel Gabriel gave her the message that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

The then governor of the area, Nicolas Frangipane was away at war when the news reached him, he then decided to come back home immediately in order to make a confirmation of the rumors. The first thing that he did was to send the bishop and other three people to the initial site of the house in Nazareth. They found the house no longer there but all the relevant proof that it was there such as the foundations were still intact. They came back and legally gave a testimony that was sealed by the legal authorities.

Then after some three years, the house disappeared for Dalmatia. The then holy hermit in the area claimed that the house was mysteriously carried buy mighty heavenly powers, it was later discovered that it was moved to Loreto Italy. The house attracted great attention and people could come from far places just to have a look at it.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012