Our Lady of Hope

Our Lady of Hope

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While at war with Germany, France was in deep trouble as they were getting engulfed by the German soldiers at naval. This was a result of the poor war tactics that were used by Napoleon III. In 1870 80,000 French soldiers were captured alongside the empire and the country had no option but to train the ordinary citizens so as to save the situation, most of the recruits were from Pont-Man area. Before they went, they sought God’s care by confessing and receiving the communion with blessing offered by father Guerin.

Requesting petitions for the following:

  • In times of need.
  • War.
  • Help with enemies.
  • Feast:  1-Aug
  • Day: Thursday
  • Candle/ Emblem: Blue
  • Matters concerning: Enemies and protection in times of war.

By the start of 1871, Germans had captured a third of France, only God could save them and prayers were said form different parts of the country. More trouble was on the way due to outbreak of typhoid and smallpox. Some non believers stopped praying as the Germans had moved in closer enough and they lost the hope they had in God.

Details of the apparition

The enemies had drawn in and were about to take over Pont-Main, the city was full of cannon and gunfire with no hope of a miracle that could restore back any peace. The inhabitants’ had no option but to continue with their daily activities as they awaited their fate, one of the oldest and most devout family in the area, the Barbedette went on with their daily activities some moments before they could have their supper.

They were Godly with Rosary, Mass and Prayers featuring prominently in their lifestyle. One of the family members, known as Caesar Barbedette, together with is two sons Eugene and Joseph who was 12 and 10 respectively was doing some work in the horse stable which was their sleeping place.

Their Neighbor, Jeanette Details paid them a visit in which they talked on general stories about life. The elder son, due to boredom from the adult talk decided to gaze at the skies from the barn door. He was surprised by some unique creature on the roof of a neighbor, Augustine Guidecog's house. It was around 70 feet away which allowed him a good view, what he saw was a beautiful lady.

The two boys said that the woman was smiling at Eugene. When the neighbor came to see what was going on, she could not see anything unique. So did all the people who tried to look at the spot the boys claimed the woman was and this caused some commotion in the as everybody in the neighborhood came to witness what was going on.

The villagers then called out the two sisters who lived in the village but they too saw nothing unique, the sister sent out for three children from the village school that she was teaching in, apparently two girls and one boy. The two girls saw the strange lady but the boy could not. The father was then called and came alongside a sister but they could not see anything strange. When a neighbor came to the spot while carrying a child, the child spread her arms out in the direction they claimed the lady was in while expressing big joy, this was a poof that there was an apparition.

Then suddenly, she displayed a large cross in her hands, it had crucified Jesus but the wounds were not fresh. The community then made a communal prayer and soon after the lady was covered by a white veil as she said bye to the children as the prayers were being concluded.  This was about nine o’clock after it had lasted for three hours.

After the apparition, the Prussian army who were almost taking over the city was commanded not to. In the morning, the German army withdrew and it seemed like war was over and twelve days after, the Versailles treaty was signed.

Our lady of Hope was then approved under the relevant authorities, its fraternity is recognized the world over. The approval meant that, the believer could make devotion to Blessed virgin by the title.

By Florance Saul
Aug 17, 2012