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Learn how you can call upon a certain saint to help you in life and meet your desires and hopes.

Saints have for a long time been associated with helping us in difficult times. We have used saints to request help with general aspects of life. It is really important that if you use this type of prayer the correct saint is chosen. Much work has been written on the power of saints and the basic religious facts that surround each saint. 

Within this part of the website we provide an overview of each saint and how they can help in life - just look at the dictionary A-Z above. 

Saints are associated with a rich spiritual journey. There is a focus on not only religion but also folk magic. There are a wide range of religious beliefs that are often practised by a wide range of religions. Working with saints has led many people to fulfil their own objectives in life. Sometimes, not only is it difficult in life but turning to the saints or advice may prove beneficial for many. Throughout history, there are many offerings that are associated with the deities,  which include prayers. 

There are many areas of Christian priests who turned to saints for many religious reasons.

Many Christians saints exist and this is normally associated with being at one with the world. There are in addition, deities such as: Santeria, Voudun and Condomble. Most saints have a specific day that is dedicated to them, as well as different candles and prayers. If we look at the catholic religion they always believe that saints will help from heaven.

This is a wonderful belief. The Catholic religion believe in a placed named as purgatory. This is a place where the souls of people that have died are cleansed before the passage to heaven. There is another association with ancestors, and those that have passed on that are relations.

There is a premise on honouring and remembering these ancestors. Christians also call upon the help of the saints and any ancestors or family relations. There has been much spoken about the power of these prayers.

How many saints are in the Catholic Church?

There are 10,000 catholic saints. The saints are associated with role models in our lives and generally we believe they can be associated with miracles. 

Moving on, we will quickly summarise the key saints below (we cannot focus on all the 10,000)

List of saints and petitions - how saints can help!

  • The infant Jesus of Prague: Monday and candle is orange or red
  • Petition: special requests, wisdom and guidance.
  • Our lady of Fatima: Tuesday
  • Petition: protection from evil, evil and binding.
  • Our lady of Grace: Friday and candle colour blue.
  • Petition: Calming and happiness, finding love in life.

By Florance Saul
Nov 30, 2016