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A paper or marking that has been magically charged in order to bring something to the bearer.

Stemmed from the Greek word ‘telein’ which describes the need to initiate into the mysteries of a tradition.

This is usually describing an object which is considered to have supernatural or magical powers which were placed there either by an ancient spirit or by a particularly powerful Witch.

In a sense this is an inanimate object which becomes animate and alive with the magic of what has been imbued.

This could range from a sentimental object or something antiquated which is believed to trigger some kind of emotional response in the practitioner.

This can also be a piece of paper which has a marking on it that has been magically charged in order to bring something from the mental world into the physical world.

Ancient traditions inscribed numbers or ancient alphabets on stone tablets to bind a talisman with a magickal intent.

Many different kinds of talismans are charged within a set of sacred mathematical equations, thus encouraging the alchemical perspective to manifest work.