Numerology Spiritual Meaning

The art of numerology has been compared to a science by some in the sense that this form of divination has formulations and steps that must be followed in order to get a specific answer.

The study therefore of numerology is one which puts numbers into focus but with a spiritual bend.

In studying these numbers we might be able to find out what kind of character traits a person has as well as what might assist them in life based on the influences that surround a person. What motivates them in life, what their talents, their likes and dislikes are which make us who we are.

Associated with Numerology are many systems and traditions of beliefs. Early mathematicians such as Pythagoras, a lover of numbers found many answers in Numerology despite the fact that in modern days it is not associated with mathematics in any real way. There are letters of the alphabet which can be represented by different numbers and the sum of the numbers in a person’s name would have some kind of influences over the person’s relationship within the world and the cosmos. Many experts of Numerology in this day and age are able to even identify key moments in a person’s life which motivated their larger decisions usually revolving around travel, investment and marriage.

Most charts which are cast within numerology are made up of the numbers 1-9 consecutively as well as the numbers 11 and 22 depending on the kind of reading you are hoping to complete. To understand which number applies to you, you must first add the digits that make up your birth date or name. For example if your name was Susie Thompson you would come up with 13 if you were to add each letter together.

Then you must reduce the number that you have come up with if it is two digits, such as the number 13 by adding the 1+3 which would equal 4. If at any point you come up with the number 11 or the number 22 you do not have to reduce them because they have meanings on their own. The part of Numerology that is the most important is finding our Life Path number; this describes the key elements of your life which you are able to work with.

The life path for each individual number has their own specific paths that we follow in life. Whether that be a life of joy and wonder or a life that is difficult and full of many twists and turns. Numerology is similar to the tarot in the sense that each step that we take in our life is in a sense divinely inspired by our higher life force or higher source energy. We have the power to create whatever it is that we want in life, but we use the numbers much like the cards, to give us a guide along the way. Numerology is somewhat more succinct then the cards primarily because these numbers don’t change very much throughout your life.

Especially if you use your birth date to find it. You can only have one real birth date, which means you can only have one particular number. Just like in the Chinese Zodiac, you have one creature that was designated for you at your birth that describes a huge portion of your character. Different attributes can be associated with that beast just as they can with the number, but the number itself never changes. Working with the magic within divination in Numerology can assist our lives greatly so that we may learn as we grow and change.

If you were born as a Number 1 then you can expect to be a natural born leader. It is not something that others have made you into; this trait is something that you have claimed all on your own. In fact, as a child it is likely that your parents watched you ordering around or helping the other kids in the neighborhood. You just tend to have the right idea about things and you find it is important to make your own level of freedom in life and you do not let anyone get in your way once you have a plan. You tend to be the person who protects and cares for the individuals that you love and those in your household. And others look to you to help and take care of them as well. You probably have attracted a lot of people who need care but you don’t mind because you enjoy providing that level of help to others, and you enjoy the responsibility that it gives you. You tend to get frustrated as well when others are trying to domineer over you because that tends to feel wrong and thus rub you the wrong way. You find value in being in control. You also tend to stand out from others in a crowd and relish in this energy so much that it not be out of the ordinary for you to play in some kind of role in acting or singing or some other role that puts you into the view of the general public. You are a creative person and slightly odd as some would say, but this kind of oddity that you possess tends to be exactly what draws others to you because you manage to hold yourself so well.

Because you care a lot about the status that you hold in life you can at points become impatient not only with your own shortcomings (which are normal) but also the shortcomings of others. No one is perfect and we can’t all do the right thing all of the time, this is a key lesson for your number because if you think you are perfect all of the time then you are not actually going to be able to learn the valuable life lessons that are presented to you. Everyone has room to improve, you included. Sometimes when you don’t realize that you are in the middle of learning a lesson you can become kind of selfish so it is important for you to keep an eye on that unbecoming character trait. You need to let others help you so that you can learn what it is like to both be the compassionate person as well as to be cared for. This is not an easy lesson for you especially since you feel that you are right all of the time and there aren’t many others in your mind who can give the appropriate care or who are capable of actually helping you. You have said to yourself more than once, ‘They are just creating more work for me,’ when someone was trying to help you. The point is not to pay attention to the level of care that you receive or the help, but to allow yourself to let go of the control that you feel that you have so that you can be vulnerable. Vulnerability is an important character trait to have because it teaches humbleness.


When you are born with the Life Path of 2, you are an exceptionally spiritual individual who tends to be one of the peacemakers in the world. Many of the strengths that you possess come from your wonderful ability to listen to others and absorb the information that comes in all around you. You are by nature a mediator and a diplomat, you find that you can use your skills of persuasion to find a balance in any kind of frustrating or challenging situation which makes you the go to person for your friends and family when they are trying to sort out the problems in their lives. You are the counselor, the intuitive visionary. These qualities make it so that you have a lot to offer the general populace because you are the type to be a deep thinker and have a deep interest in understanding many of the mysteries of life and you are intrigued every time you learn something new so much that you become excitable easily which is another bubbling aspect of who you are. Others find you interesting and even intriguing because of your ability to see both sides and to find the balance within all people given their particular life experiences. When some get angry, you only become introspective. You seek to understand before reacting, you are peaceful. You can see the whole viewpoint in any argument which is again, why counseling becomes such a primary role in your life in one way or another. Life coaching, therapy as well as any kind of counseling would be excellent careers for you to pursue. If you were able to develop a thicker skin so to speak as well then the role of a diplomat politically would also be a good career move for you.

You have genuine concern for others and you want the best for them, therefore sometimes you can get a little bit caught up in the tales and the drama of those around you in both your personal and professional life. This can distract you from your own personal health and well being; therefore it is important for you to be aware that you cannot heal others without first healing yourself. You cannot gain mastery over being a peacemaker if you do not find peace within yourself. Most of the time those on the Life Path of 2 don’t have a hard time balancing out all of these different aspects of their lives, but it does come up, so be aware of that for yourself.

You are tactful and have no interest in dominating conversations or groups. You tend to be the one who is the master in compromising and you never appear to demand recognition. In this it is important for you to be aware of the possible passive aggressive characteristics which also come from helping others too much. If you are not filling yourself up emotionally or spiritually and are emptying yourself out instead on others then you will find that you become overly involved in the lives of others just so that you can feel the attention that you need in order to thrive. This is not a healthy way to exist, therefore make sure that your boundaries are strong and that you do not allow yourself to get so caught up that you believe that your only use in life IS as that counselor. You have many other amazing traits that make you who you are, and you do not need to hide behind the simple, albeit wonderful, trait of the peacemaker.


When you were born under the Life Path of 3 you were born with a tremendous creative nature and with fantastic communication skills. Gaining achievement of your goals and ideals is extremely important to you as is expressing yourself fully in all ways. A 3 who is highly evolved is able to rocket through all of the most difficult skills involving words, such as writing, speaking, and acting. Threes tend to be the enjoyable entertainers of the world, the clowns, who are bright with sparkling optimism. These individuals focus on harmony, pleasure, beauty and the sharing of these things with the world. As a 3 you are capable of creating self-expression in everything that you do and you attach to spiritual meaning to it and desire greatly to be connected to all things in this world.  Because of this you tend to attempt to live life to the fullest, without really worrying about tomorrow. You tend to have a bit of trouble handling money as a result because you tend to just not care. You have other things to focus on and money is not what rules your life. The adventure, the chase, the understanding of all things. These are the concepts which run your perspective. You tend to spend the money when you have it and just don’t think about it when you do not have it. ‘It will come back around,’ you think, and that suits you just fine.

You enjoy connecting with other people, as they represent all that is vibrant and vital to your soul. Every person has something different to offer and that is exciting. Others find you to be warm and friendly, social and honest. You tend to be a good public speaker as well as an excellent listener. Others enjoy listening to the tales that you tell because they find you genuinely entertaining and personable. You are an openhearted person who is happy to be around others in order to gain further inspiration. In this case you tend to surround yourself with the artists, musicians and performers of the world and likely dabble in each of these elements as well as your attention span sees fit.

Despite the extroverted nature of the 3, they can be rather introverted when they have been hurt. They tend to retreat for long periods of time just to stay away from the people who have wounded them. However when they come through it they tend to be even brighter after the fact because they are resilient characters and they simply cannot be held down for very long. Because of you own ability to feel pain deeply; you are extra careful and compassionate to those around you so that you aren’t the one doing the hurting. You believe that everyone has a right to exist and that we each matter in our own unique ways. In the same instance, 3’s tend to be loyal lovers who, when hurt tend to stay hurt for quite some time. Most emotionally charged situations affect the 3 for quite a while, and it is always a sad thing to see because they are usually so happy. Others find themselves to be quite protective of the 3, almost because they represent this innocent, joyous part of ourselves that many of us choose not to express. But balance in relationships especially for the 3’s is a difficult thing to find because they are constantly pursuing the enjoyable things in life and can at points ignore the negative so much that they refuse to handle problems. If you need help from a three, it is best to outright ask them, because their tendency to care and to listen will overcome their desire to flee onto the next thing and that will help them to stay focused long enough to find an excellently creative solution to any problem.

When you were born with the Life Path of 4 you will find that you tend to have a natural ability to plan as well as fix things and build. You have this practical ability to inspire with the excellence of your mind. You are one of the most trustworthy individuals in most of your friends and family’s lives as well as down to earth. Many know they can come to you if they need help making something work or if they need to be able to trust someone who is not going to betray them in any way. In this you provide others with a level of comfort and security that is worthwhile. You tend to be a builder of society, someone who put the building blocks of your community together. You are a mover and a shaker. You find what bothers you and what bothers others and then you instigate change by creating plans that others can learn and then implement as well. You tend to be able to create plans that are grandiose and somewhat overwhelming but you have the common sense and know-how to make it all work and you do, which attracts much in the way of fame to you. Others see you for what you are capable of and stand in awe. You inspire others to use their minds and to aspire toward bigger and better things. And even though your nature is somewhat idealistic, you tend to be able to be grounded and practical which sets you apart from others.  

You have a kind of will power that can at times appear to be somewhat stubborn when you are going through a funk or a bad time. You have a tendency to get kind of obsessive to the details of the work that you are attempting to complete and this can be challenging because not everything can go according to a plan. Therefore there is something to be learned from letting go a little and letting some random things happen from time to time just so that you do not become a stress case. You are the type of person to write a To Do list and work it so that each and every thing on it has to be done or you won’t be able to go to bed at night. And while of course, accomplishing the goals one has set out to do is a good thing, one must also make sure not to utterly destroy oneself in the process. This is the type of person who at points could use a little bit of therapy on being what is known as slightly obsessive compulsive. Usually people who are a little bit OCD tend to have the most amazing ideas and do so very much for themselves and for others, but they need to learn how to handle that in a healthy and productive way.

Regardless of the level of OCD that you need to work through every day you tend to be the one who operates best when you are under some kind of pressure, and that is also just fine, you just might need to learn a little bit about slowing down and seeing what life is like when you take a rest now and again.

When you are born within the Life Path of 5 you are a very progressive and relaxed individual who is very capable of making large efforts to cause the world to be a better place. The way that you accomplish this is by utilizing all of the freedom that you have in your life and in this pursuit you find the natural world happy, adventurous and rejuvenating. You have a worldly perspective which advances your thinking processes very much. You tend to be the type of person who pursues the knowledge that life has to offer and then asks more and more questions. You desire to be completely free from restraint but you manage to be productive in your pursuit of freedom in life. Some with similar characteristics might be so random that they cannot pay their bills and the like, but that is not how you are. You are a more organized adventurer. You recognize the changing nature of things in this world and that knowledge fulfills you. You are a very compassionate person and you have a respect and a love for humanity as a whole, therefore you tend to be one of the individuals fighting for massive change in the world so that all might find happiness in freedom, no matter where they are in this world.

You are a motivator and you help others who are stuck in their stagnant, dormant place in life break out of it and become the active people which they desire to be. You tend to be a kind of salesman type because you know what people want and you try to help them get it, in this others would say that you are very fast on the uptake and you have a quick way of thinking and responding to others.  

You cannot stand boring work or routine that is not meaningful which makes it hard for you to hold down any kind of monotonous work no matter how much you may need the money. But you manage to find other ways to bring money in that pushes you forward in your creativity and makes you happy while also making a buck. Working with people is where your skills are, and if you continue to work in this kind of industry you will go far. You might even consider adding travel into your career as that will definitely help you the most. You are a risk taker, and highly romantic but you do not like to be tied down which makes having any kind of commitment with someone else kind of challenging which has been difficult for you in your love life. You almost feel as though you have no control over this section of your life because it has always been this way. However if you take just a little bit of time examining what life would be like in a little bit of commitment you might find that there is adventure there still that you just haven’t been able to experience yet. If you treat all that is new in the same way that you would in acquiring a relationship you would find that the world is full of adventure even in commitment.

When you are born with the Life Path of Six you are known as a motherly, nurturing type, a person who brings hope, righteousness and truth to all situations as well as a level of domesticity and stability. You are a paternal or maternal individual whose instincts about life tend to be spot on no matter what experience may thrust itself upon you. A typical 6 will involve themselves deeply in matters within their community especially in matters of home and the family because domesticity is where they thrive. This nurturing individual tends to have somewhat conservative ideas which are deeply ingrained. You tend to need to feel useful in order to be happy. You need others to need you because you love to help others. It is your actual role in life to be the mother or the father to many.  Not necessarily in physical children, though that is most assuredly a possibility, but there are very few people in this world who can love the way that you can love and you know this as do others. You are all about taking care of others in a humanitarian kind of way. You are the type of person who would find great satisfaction in assisting in a charity or in a soup kitchen feeding the homeless or helping them get jobs. Social services would be an excellent career for you because you would be able to get paid to work with others on bettering their life experience, something that you know a lot about and are able to help with.

One of the downsides of this Life Path is that too often you tend to carry more than your fair share of the burden in life because you feel that others can’t do it. Therefore you are constantly being the strong one, the prepared and stable one which does a couple of things. First of all you are missing out on the blessing of being cared for yourself, but also you are robbing others from the lesson of being able to care for you. There is an ineptitude that is created when one seeks to help too much, and in helping we need to allow others to gain their own strength. Letting go of the control in this instance is a helpful way to go.   You enjoy getting the credit for working so hard, but often at the expense of your own physical body and health, which is not the best way that you could be thriving in your life path. If you aimed to just balance out the amount of time that you spend helping with the amount of time that you accept health you will find your life experience will be so much easier and freer, as well as more vibrant and lush because you will have been able to develop stronger relationships with others by taking yourself off of the pedestal for a while and allowing others to care for you. You don’t tend to function well in stressful relationships because you don’t know how to handle others who end up being untrustworthy, but one of the problems with always being the nurturer is that you tend to get taken advantage of by those who would just take and take. Make sure to create those boundaries and you will go far.

When you are born in the Life Path of 7 you are the type of person who is very interested in analysis as well as investigation. You tend to have an ability to observe and approach a situation where you are thinking outside of the box like no other. You are a perfectionist who tends to desire for others to meet your high standards of living and performance. You tend to be a peaceful and affectionate person who is able to create relationships which are long lasting. You are a very funny person who is also known for their charm and flair for the dramatic as well as big gestures of romance and friendship. You take time to warm up to new people but when you do they hold fast to you and you to them for the rest of your life if you can manage it. You prefer having others around you who are loving as well as trustworthy because when you run into someone who is not trustworthy it tends to take you a long time to get over it because you give so much and you love so deeply as well as intrinsically. Even with your desire to make many friends you tend to be somewhat exclusive about how you go about it. You wait a long time in a sense for others to come around and meet your unpronounced expectations which does make it a bit harder for you to get close to people.

It makes sense to behave in such a way because you are just not the type to waste your time so to speak on those that are going to be wasteful of your time and energy. Sometimes other people consider you reserved because you are an aloof kind of person, but this isn’t true. You just tend to take the time that you need to observe the people around you so you can kind of pick and choose who is a potential good friend and who is just interesting to watch. You do get hurt when others consider that you are cold, but this is just how you are made and there is nothing wrong with you. You are just not a joiner. You just need to be aware that it is important for you to allow yourself to open up to others if you start to become too introverted and then you will live a happy life. You need to attract others who are like you, intellectuals who are studious and who analyze the ways of the world around them. You enjoy being around others who question authority and question the way of things until after you have taken it apart to determine what is the best way of being as well as the most efficient. You do not like to be around people who you think are cowardly, noisy are who attempt to distract or even to cause confusion in your life and the lives of others.

The main strength of those born under the number 7 is that they have a way of thinking that is deeper than others which causes you to ponder the great and important spiritual things in this world which has propelled you to take a significant interest in those things that are somewhat out of the ordinary or even bizarre. Even so you tend to be a stable individual and random change is not really on your list of ways to behave. Random is not pragmatic and pragmatism is how you live life.

When you are born under the Life Path of 8 you are one of the most direct and organized numbers in existence. You are the type orient your goals and to accomplish them almost as fast as you have planned them. You are a political leader by nature and would thrive in this kind of environment because you tend to have the right answers and your moral compass is succinct and never wavers. You are born to lead in a sense and the way that you approach the world makes it so that you can create a perfect place for you to thrive. You are the type of person who is capable of coming up with off the wall ideas that you make work. You take an executive approach to others and you tend to micromanage and you know what others have to offer you and your life experience almost instantly upon meeting them. You work extremely hard, which is why you are capable of having great success in your life. In fact, this particular Life Path is known for the workaholics in this world. The more that you work the happier you are because you feel the most vibrant and alive when you are doing a lot of different things at once. In this when you take your vacations life is a lot easier for you because you feel as though you have earned it. You are extremely unhappy when you find that you are stuck in non-movement for a reason that you didn’t earn. This is the case with joblessness, when the 8 is without work they tend to grow stagnant and incredibly unhealthy both physically and mentally. Generally speaking as soon as they find something to do with themselves on they lose any weight that they may have picked up extremely fast because on an energetic level they are happy to be alive and that is a relatively lighter way of being all around. You have the potential of being somewhat bossy and your enthusiasm wanes when others are not listening to what it is that you want. Much of what concerns you in this life is the ability to make money and learning how to have more power in your career. Therefore you are constantly doing what you can to make sure that you are the best in your field. You care greatly about the status that you have and the general way that others see you, you work hard enough that you desire to be recognized for your achievements therefore the attainment of awards make you feel the best and most efficient in life.

Within relationships you tend to be frank as well as honest, almost to a fault. You attract others who are far gentler then you so that you can let your guard down in private situations but you must be aware of the fact that those that are gentler then you can also be hurt more often and easier then you so you need to also become more compassionate so that you do not burn others to whom you trust the most.

When you were born in the Life Path of 9 you were born into an age of abundance and happiness, full of dramatic and deep, inspired and profoundly scorpionic energies surrounding you leaving room for you to be compassionate as well as generous, deep and introverted. As you grew you developed into a trustworthy as well as honorable individual who is not really the type to hold onto much prejudice or judgment when you are having good days. You tend to care deeply for those that are not as fortunate as you are so you tend to want to put yourself in a position in which you can give assistance to those unfortunates. If you can help them you will. You are the type of person who will go the extra mile when someone is begging on a street corner. Not only will you give them the money that they are asking for, but if they are standing in the rain you will go get them clean socks and an umbrella to help them along their work. It doesn’t matter what their intentions are, for you it is in service of a higher energy that propels you forward. You do service for others in order to show God the amount of abundance that you have received, and how much you are willing to share because it is how you pray. It is how you connect to your very spiritual nature.

For you, the material is not what is important, though you do find that you do want a high quality of life, but the material is not necessarily how you believe you will get it always. Sometimes your generosity keeps you from being completely rich, but this does not phase you because for you the monetary side of life is only one small part of the whole and for you to feel sustained and healthy as well as vibrant, you need to feel like you are sharing your happiness with the world. The 9 Life Path is not a common combination of numbers, and so there are only a few individuals who meet this level of selflessness unfortunately. But those that do it stand out among the rest of us. We should all be so compassionate, and so wise.
You make friends easily because of your inspiring and openly honest personality, but sometimes it is difficult for you to keep relationships because there isn’t often a balance that can be found which will work right. When your significant other shares in your giving nature then you can find that your relationship will long lived. Unfortunately many individuals tend to focus on monetary benefits and if you bring someone like this into your life it is likely that there will be some friction simply because they just will not be able to understand you. Do not let this get to you however. You are on the right track in your life and through your sensitivity to others you will be able to live a full and happy experience in which you are capable of enjoying your time on this earth by sharing your deep and emotional world with others.

When you were born under the influence of the Life Path 11 you are an extremely inspiring person to others. You are energetic as well as intuitive, however because you often begin fine-tuning your intuition at a young age you tend to be misunderstood by your family and friends because you appear to be somewhat quirky or even strange. This has made you shy and even introverted in your life but there is a lot of magical as well as spiritual potential which you have at your disposal should you choose to tap into it. As an 11, you are almost entirely a receiver, which means that energy just flows through you at rapid speeds at points in your life. This has been somewhat disorienting in your path but it actually does provide you with a great amount of power even though it can at points also make you feel overly emotional. The life task of the 11 is to figure out how to ground when there are so many energies around them at all times which they are sensitive to. When you learn how to ground you can pick and choose which energies are good for you and which are not, and then learn to attract the positive and either manipulate the negative to become positive or stay away from that energy all together. Through the channeling of this energy you have a tendency toward inventing things as well as using your creative energies to produce much in the way of spiritual guidance for others. 11’s tend to be religious leaders as well as prophets all over the world.

Because you have been criticized in your life because of your ‘out of the box’ thinking, you tend to get a little bit stuck in a level of self reflection in which you beat yourself up much of the time. You know that you stand out but you have as of yet not been able to sort out exactly why that is or what you should do about it. As an 11, it is more than time to embrace your quirky qualities so that you can thrive in your life if you haven’t already.  You are not alone in this world, and you are important. But in order for you to meet all of the potential that you have you must spend some time improving yourself at an integral level. 11’s tend to mature somewhat later in life which can seem frustrating for at time, but generally speaking you are going to be able to get a lot accomplished in your life. Pay attention to your nervous system, because you can at points get a little bit caught up in the stresses of life around you. Do not let depression stop you from accomplishing your desires.  When you are feeling as though you do not have a direction in life just take a moment to look at your life for what it is, identify what it is that needs to either change or what you need to create and then focus all of your energies on that very thing until it exists. Continue to do this and to master the art of creation so that your more mature years can be full of all of the stability and possibility that you have in store for you.

If you were born under the Life Path of 22 then you were born in the rarest as well as the most powerful and potentially abundant and prosperous times possible in human creation. Those that were born under this sign are extremely successful in every endeavor which they choose to take on. If this was the Tarot, you would be the Wheel of Fortune because luck is all around you and you live a blessed life where the more chances you take the more odds are in your favor.

Because this number is as rare as it is, it is known to be subject to what are called ‘extremes.’ This means that your life’s work is going to be to find balance between one extreme thing or time in your life and the next. You could have the potential to be a famous ballet dancer which changes the art of dance forever or you could choose to become completely insignificant. It all depends on the way that you look at your current situation. The energies that surround you are clear however, that anything that you want, you can get if you try. And you don’t even have to try as hard as other people would have to try to be successful. All you have to do is direct all of your manifestation desires to the forefront of your mind and then shoot that goal with all of your desires like it was a laser. Do this over and over again until you have what you want at your disposal.

For much of your life, you walk gently as if you are trying to feel it all out before making any real commitment. This is like someone who hasn’t been out for a swim all winter, but the summer has finally come yet they find themselves hesitant to get into the water. So they slowly dip themselves in, one toe at a time. This is how your life has been up until about mid life when suddenly you will find yourself catapulted into a level of abundance unseen before if you have been pointing your focus in the direction of pure abundance. You are an idealist, full of vision. You inspire others to join you in your idealism, in your dreaming mind, in potential. This is a beautiful part of who you are which should be embraced.

Throughout your life you are going to have to allow yourself to evolve, to bend and change and embrace what comes as you do so. You need to be able to adapt to the challenges which present themselves to you so that you can learn how to keep your vision pure even though you may feel shot down. You are practical even in your visionary work, which makes politics and matters of business come naturally to you and you have capable of having common sense as well as seeing the beauty of the world all around you.

Despite the prosperous nature of the 22, this is also one of the harder signs to become motivated. It is not easy knowing that you can just up and do whatever you want. This may seem silly to those who have to make a significant effort. But we all have to deal with a lack of motivation or a feeling of stagnation or dormancy. 22’s are not separate from this aspect of life either. It is important for you, as a 22, to push aside the feeling of lackluster and push yourself to do what you want to do so that you may reach your great potential.

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By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012