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The Biblical Meaning Of Numbers

As a child I remember marveling at the fact that the story of the great flood reigned for 40 days and 40 nights. Additionally, Elijahs journey consisted of 40 days and 40 nights. Then I started thinking if number sequences mean anything to us in our daily life – almost naturally. I believed as a child that it was just a coincidence that the number 40 kept occurring within the Bible. The number 40 is associated with the 40 days that Jesus Christ spent in the desert. And the 40 years that Israelite walked in the desert! These are all connected. I need to also ask you a question.

Do you make a wish when the clocks say 3:33? I do. I bet you wonder what I am on about! Well, I had no idea why I always did this, and my grandmother also did the same. It is a superstition and biblically supposes to be associated with wishes fulfilled. Numbers are the universes' way of giving you clues and it has a special spiritual significance. You might be here because you see the same biblical number over and over. You might want to know what the biblical numbers actually represent in our modern world! Maybe even if a certain number means something is going to happen to you? The fascination of symbolic biblical numbers has been sparked from my own childhood. My family spent considerable time studying scripture, especially my grandmother, and the thing that caught my fascination most, was the high frequency and occurrences of various numbers. I have always been a bit of a number girl. To the point I was trying to find patterns in the biblical numbers and verses.

As an adult, I’ve obviously been exposed to a wide variety of spiritual experiences. And exclusively the “numbers” in the Bible I feel actually “mean” something. Especially those that seem to appear to have a high frequency.  Let me give you an example! Take the number 12. Well….Avery had 12 sons, there was 12 men that bought 12 stones from Jordan. There was 12 loves of bread and Jesus has 12 disciples. This led me to be curious about the symbolic association with the number 12. Spiritually and biblically speaking - it is true to say that the number 12 is associated with perfection, when the number 12 keeps occurring in my life this normally represents people will be showing me respect and normally it actually comes true. Additionally, the number 12 when added together (1+2 = 3) equals three. The number three in biblical terms can represent the triangle of life. There is something unmistakable about the symbolism of numbers in the Bible.

Now let’s take the biblical number 7, this is mentioned at least 56 times in the book of revelation. Why such a high frequency of occurrence you may ask? The number 7 is further mentioned 380 times in the Old Testament and 88 times in the New Testament. Think about the fact we have 7 days of the week and also Sunday falls on the 7th day. 7 is an interesting number which represents completion. If you keep seeing this number everywhere it could mean you may need to complete something important.

In the last quarter of 2018 around 200 readers of my website have contacted me about the biblical meaning of numbers. Here I am going to answer the following questions: 

  • What is the biblical meaning of numbers?
  • Can these numbers really change your life?
  • What do numbers mean from a spiritual perspective?

There is also something I wish to share with you, there is actually a process known as biblical numerology, which represents the study numbers in Scripture. This method is all about understanding the spiritual meaning of numbers. The meaning of these numbers is both symbolic and literal, I have written the biblical meaning of numbers 1-100 so please scroll down to find your number meaning!

Blessings Flo.

Biblical meaning of numbers 1-100

I have mentioned before that some numbers crop up much more than others. let’s all take a look at the brief review of some of the Biblical meaning of numbers.

Number 1 Biblical Meaning: The start, wholeness, and united front, the beginning

The biblical meaning of number 1 is really interesting. This is quite obvious but the number one represents the start. If you keep seeing one everywhere then new beginnings are on their way. Number one often represents the only one, someone unique in life and in the old testament the number one in the bible represents the free will and the garden of Eden. Think of the term “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3) I do feel from a biblical perspective the number one is connected to the man and woman coming together which is present in both Mark 10: 7-9 and Genesis 2:24. 

Number one is connected to the 1st day of the 1st Month when the Israelites move forward with their plans. In Exodus 4:22 it was mentioned that Israel was the first-born son. The number one can ONLY be divided by itself and I feel indicates uniting two people and the God and Jesus. Plus, the forgiveness of our sins (John 10:16).

Number 2 Biblical Meaning: Uniting two people, men, and women, love

Spiritually speaking the biblical meaning of number 2 is all about uniting two people, or double standards. Think about two people: a man and a women. The first book Genesis talks about the story of creation, of Adam and Eve. God created the Garden of Eden which was the place two people came together. The bible contains a vast amount of timelines that could relate to the number two, with numerical ideological patterns but in spiritual terms the number two means coming together.

Think about the fact there was two kinds of animals that entered the ark. Two is all about repeating. There is two parts of every day and in the bible there was two goats in the day of atonement. I feel number two is connected to having faith in the future is important. 

Number 3 Biblical Meaning: Trying to find the perfect solution and being complete

The biblical meaning of number 3 has always fascinated me. We often hear people talking about the number three in may ways in modern life. For example, someone is “Third time lucky” which denote that difficulties and adversities often come in threes. I’m not too sure how this has happened or why this has occurred but the number three in Christianity is quite significant. 

The biblical meaning of the number three is connected to completing a task. The number 3 is mentioned over 467 times in the Bible. For example,Jesus was re-erected on the third day which means a new beginning. Christians also see “God, the father, the son and finally the Holy Spirit.” The number three from a biblical perspective is associated with feeling complete and also perfection. 

If we look at the sun 3×3×3 this equals 27. Ironically there is 27 books in the new Testament. 

Biblical Numbers

Number 4 Biblical Meaning: Evolution and creation

The biblical meaning of number 4 biblically, is connected to creating something important in life. Think about the 4 elements: fire, water, earth and air. The Sun, moon and stars, additionally the basic process of time. When I was studying the bible, I wondered why Eve was only mentioned four times. Could this mean that we need to sacrifice something in life if the number 4 keeps occurring. Number 4 stands for creation of something important. For example we have 4 directions: west, east, south, and north. Plus there are four sides of the world. 

Number 5 Biblical Meaning: Grace of God

The biblical meaning of number 5 from a biblical perspective is associated with the grace of God. The number two can also mean that you are moving into the light from darkness.  5 is in the Bible 318 times. This is quite significant number because there was 318 servants in Abrams house. It is grace that rescued them, which is why 5 is connected to grace. If we turn to the Hebrew alphabet fifth letter is “Hey” which is connected to the ending of Abrams name so he was known as “Abraham.” If you keep seeing the number 5 then think about how Grace can enter your life.

Number 6 Biblical Meaning:  Man, Sin, rest after strife

The biblical meaning of number 6 is considered quite a negative number from a biblical perspective. This is because the number 6 also associated with satan and sin. The three sixes in a sequence (666) is connected to the sign of evil and marks the end of an era in the bible, it represents how we would live our life without the salvation of God. The number 6 is also connected to possession if we look in the Acts 16:16.

The number 6 is also associated with man and the fact that we were actually created on the sixth day, there is much negative representation of the number six in regards to a biblical perspective. We are supposed to work hard for 6 days of the week and then have the 7th day off in order to relax. 

God also gave Joshua and Israel the command of walking around the city for six days, therefore they did indeed march around the city for this duration (Joshua 6:3-5)  on the 7th day when the horns were blown suddenly the wall crashed down. This is connected to creation. The reason why I mention this is because perhaps if you have seen the number six often it can be associated with the fact that you need to create something before you rest. It’s not necessarily evil! Number six is a representation of mankind and how we work and focus on our lives.

Number 7 Biblical Meaning:  Completing parts of life

I briefly mentioned a few interesting facts about the number seven in the opening paragraphs of my article. Seven in the Bible is a representation of completing a task and also perfection. The biblical meaning of number seven in total is used approximately 735 times. As you can see from such a high number, this is used extensively and the frequency of the number 7 leads many authors of biblical numerology feeling that the number 7 has some BIG spiritual significance. God, after all, completed his work on the seventh day. Creation was therefore complete. 

There is something I’ve always wondered. Could there be seven heavens? Could there be seven levels or planes which connects us to growth in God above? There are so many different references to 7 items within the Bible. I could spend hours and hours writing about each biblical correspondence. 7 is an important number that equals spiritual victory. If you keep seeing this number 7 then this represents deliverance. Something is going to happen. 

On the day of atonement, the priest in (Leviticus 16:14) sprinkled the blood 7 times upon the mercy seat.  7 represents deliverance. For example, there were 7 years of plenty according to the bible and 7 years of famine in Egypt.  7 is also a representation of how we heal from difficulty. In Matthew (12:9) Jesus healed on the Sabbath (seventh) day. 7 is also considered a number of fulfillment. It can suggest that you are going to completely finish one of God’s purposes in life. If you keep seeing say 777 then this is gods number. Take note as it is significant.

Number 8 Biblical Meaning: A new start of something fresh

The biblical meaning of number 8 is a representation of a new beginning. The eight-day is the beginning of a new week. If we look for biblical signs of the number 8 we can see that 8 people are saved on Noah’s Ark and there is also a new beginning. (Peter 2:5)  in terms of the Bible, the number 8 is quite significant because it is used in total 73 times. Obviously is not used as much as the number seven. If we think about when God rested this was on the seventh and eighth day and a new start had begun. From a spiritual perspective, 8 is also a symbol of a new phase of life and that one is going to be focused on understanding humanity.

The number eight is also a symbolism of a new start, this is because of the resurrection of Jesus (Matthew 28:16) Being saved from sin and error. Freeing yourself from sin. There are many ramifications of the number 8, such as 88, 888, 8888 or 88888. The number 8 is associated with the resurrection of Christ on the 8th day. There is a typological connection between the flood (Noah) and the fact that one must wash away negative people. That is why I think 8 is connected to the symbol of a new start, and maybe that you need to wash away people who cause pain and hurt you.

Number 9 Biblical Meaning: There is a complete focus on something important

The biblical meaning of number 9 indicates complete focus. Number 9 has been used a total of 51 times in the New Testament and is connected to: happiness, judgment, repent and patience. Number 9 has so much spiritual significance for example when Jesus was on the cross he held onto life for nine hour, the nine is connected to forgiveness of humanity for sins.

If you keep seeing the number 9 or you have started noticing it more frequently then this can be significant. The biblical meaning of 9 also symbolizes judgment and focus. The nine is connected to wisdom, miracles, faith, and the word of knowledge, tongues, prophecy interpretation of tongues and discerning of spirits. 

What does it mean to keep seeing the number 9?

If you keep seeing the number 9, it means from some of the spiritual texts that I have reviewed seeing the number nine means that God’s is paying you a “visit” to remind you to focus on something that is of high importance to you. Let’s now look greater into the number 9, this is the last single number, and symbolizes the completion of Christ and completed redemption too.

If you see number 9 frequently, nine manifestations will develop in your life, including love, goodness, long-suffering, peace, joy, faith, temperance, gentleness, and meekness.

Number 10 Biblical Meaning:  Justice, bound by law and relationships

Number 10 is repeated in total 243 times in the bible. Number 10 biblically speaking connected to “new starts” in life. In the bible, the number 10 stands for restoration and creation. However, it also represents justice that is bound by relationships and law. These specific words are repeated exactly 10 times in the Bible: “God said” which is related to the creation of the world. For example: “God said, let there be light”, “God said. Let there be a firmament”, “God said, let the waters separate from the earth”, “God said, let the earth bring forth living things”, and so on. However, other interesting mentions of number 10 in the Bible is the 10 commandments. I also said the biblical meaning of number 10 represents restoration because Jesus Christ totally restored the lepers. If you keep seeing 10 in your life it could suggest that you need restoration. Also, you need to question your law and relationships because you view justice differently (in a worse way) than you should.

Number 11 Biblical Meaning:  Commandment and judgment

The biblical meaning of number 11 often symbolizes a calling, judgment and feeling one is in chaos. The number 11 is only repeated 19 times which is considerably lower than other numbers. Judah ruled for exactly eleven years, and John in Revelation 20:12 saw 11 things.

There is a focus on the existence of a pattern which involves the number 11, there are 11 chapters in the structure of Genesis. In Genesis 1 to 2. There are many speeches that cited and the number of occurrences of patterns that equal 11 are quite interesting. This includes the verses of the trees which are found in the garden. The number 11 on a higher level can be connected with the creation of man and woman. After all, 11 is very close to number one. There is coherence about how the pattern of 11 is described throughout the Bible. There are 11 formulas which are connected to various divine speeches.  in this respect, the verb “to call” is present within the speeches. For example:

  • The story of Babel in Gen 11:6 6-7
  • And the Lord said (deliberation)
  • And the Lord said (deliberation)
  • And the God said to Noah (command to build the ark)
  • And the God said to Noah (command to enter it)

Number 12 Biblical Meaning: This is all about perfection

The biblical meaning of number 12 is associated with perfection and positive things only. In fact, number 12 is the number of believers in God. You wonder why? In the Old Testament, God has chosen 12 people who were destined to restore Israel. Also, in the Old Testament, 12 disciples were chosen to represent the innumerable host of true disciples who would follow down through time. The number 12 plays an important part in religion. Christ cured a woman who had blood problems for 12 years.
If you keep seeing 12, God wants you to know that you’re stronger than what you’re currently going through. Spiritually speaking, it means that you should experience a great feeling in 12 days, months or years. Or something nice will occur on this date very soon.

Number 13 Biblical Meaning: Bad Luck: This number represents luck

The biblical meaning of number 13 represents that you may have some bad luck! I will answer why. In our society it is often associated with bad luck. The number is mentioned many times in the Bible. The number 13 is associated with the number of years it took Solomon to build his kingdom. In our modern culture, the number 13 is connected to bad luck. Jesus Christ and his 12 followers equal 13 people. And once it was associated with Judas because he was the 13th among the apostles who betrayed him. The number 13 also symbolizes a trinity and divine perfection.

Number 14 Biblical Meaning: Acceptance and salvation which will embrace

This bliblical number 14 is connected to preservation and glorification. This number 14 is connected to preservation and glorification. Number 14 is double the number 7. And 7 stands for spiritual perfection among many other things. So, number 14 symbolizes double spiritual perfection. However, it’s also the number of acceptance, glorification, preservation, and salvation. According to the Bible, the 14th day of the first month is the Passover which symbolizes the day when God himself resurrected the firstborn of Israel.

Also, it completed and perfected the deliverance from slavery which stands as a symbol of sin. An important thing that has happened on the 14th day of the first month in 30 A.D. is the resurrection of Jesus. If you keep seeing this number, it means that you should accept that has been served to you and embrace what’s coming your way because it’s the only way to true happiness.

Number 15 Biblical Meaning: Time to think about what is important and you need focus

The biblical meaning of the number 15 indicates focus. According to the Bible, the 15th day of the first month symbolizes the Feast of Unleavened Bread which is a resting day for the people of Israel. The 15th day of other months also stand for the same thing, so it’s safe to assume that seeing this number means you lack rest, self-love, and focus on important things. Gather your thoughts and do the right thing. Number 15 is an important number in the Bible because it’s associated with self-love, priorities and focus on what’s important. So, if you keep seeing number 15 and wonder the biblical meaning of number 15, know that in the Bible, it symbolizes spiritual rest. Take some time off and think about what’s important. You probably need more focus in life. However, God will help you focus on good things. 

Number 16 Biblical Meaning: Compassion and love for others

I personally adore the number 16. The biblical meaning of 16 indicates love. If you do too, or simply wonder the biblical meaning of it, you’ve come to the right place. According to my research, this number stands for compassion and love for others in the Bible. However, it also symbolizes the government lead by people because, in the Old Testament, both Uzziah and Azariah were 16 years old when they became kings. However, some associate this number with God’s love for the people because, in the 13th chapter, 16 qualities of his love were mentioned. So, if you keep seeing this number, it means that you need more compassion and love for others. It also denotes that you should allow the people you love know you for who you really are.

Number 17 Biblical Meaning: Success will be yours

The biblical meaning of number 17 stands for success. This is because in the Bible God began the flood on the 17th of the 2nd Hebrew month and overcame the sins of rebellious humans. Also, Jesus won the battle with death when his Father resurrected him on Nisan 17. If you keep seeing this number in your life, it indicates that you will gain some sort of victory. Whatever you do will result in a positive outcome.

Number 17 also implies no evil spirits will be able to hurt you. Number 17 in the Bible is also the indirect symbol of Satan. However, it doesn’t represent his perfect plan but complete and successful defeat. You can notice that in Revelation 13 he’s presented with 7 heads and 10 horns, which results in 17. And 17 denotes his ideal victory over Satan and his evil way of ruling. God had said in Genesis 2:17, “The day that you eat of this tree you shall surely die.”

Number 18 Biblical Meaning: Feeling trapped and difficulties around your heart and head

The biblical meaning of number 18 indicates feeling trapped. Did you know that there is a distance from the head to the heart of 18 inches? Spiritually, the number 18 is all about connecting to our innermost desires! The number 18 is not a very positive number I am afraid. It is connected to bondage and being oppressed. In the bible, everyone featured meets an issue or problem. Joseph was 18 years old when he was sold to Egypt. David was also 18 years old when he became an outlaw.  According to the Bible, the children of Israel were trapped by Eglon, a Moabite king, the Philistines, and the Ammonites. They oppressed the children for 18 years until God freed them from 53 Eglon through Ehud, who became an Israel judge after.

Bondage might also symbolize spirits. On a more positive note, Jesus cured a woman who was trapped by a spirit of infirmity for 18 years while teaching on the Sabbath day in a Synagogue.
So, if you’re constantly seeing this number, it means that you feel trapped by someone or something. It’s time to fight for your freedom and find a way to escape.

Number 19 Biblical Meaning: Thinking about how important your faith is to you

The biblical meaning of the number 19 in the bible stands for faith and thinking about how important faith is in life. According to the new testament, the number 19 symbolizes mercy before God and manifests judgment. Israel split into 2 different parts after Solomon’s death. What is interesting - is that Israel was ruled by a total of 19 kinds before God allowed the Assyrians to conquer the land and remove the kinds from the land because of their sins toward God. And throughout the 19 years of his merciful postpone of their punishment, they didn’t reunite or repent with Judah. If you keep seeing number 19, it’s time to think about how important your faith is to you.

Number 20 Biblical Meaning: Being saved from sin and error. Freeing yourself from sin

Number 20 has an important meaning in the Bible. It stands for perfect, fulfilled or compete. However, it also symbolizes sins, salvation from errors and renewal. In order to understand this in action, Jacob waited for 20 years to take possession of his property, wives and free himself from the control of his father-in-law, Laban. Also, the children of Israel waited for 20 years until they became free from the hands of Jabin, king of Canaan. The biblical meaning of 20 represents sins, mistakes and free yourself from your errors and allow God to save your soul.

Number 21 Biblical Meaning: Exceeding sinfulness in life: 

I am afraid 21 is not a positive number in the bible. 21consists of two Hebrew letters: keph-aleph. This number symbolizes the giving of strength or God’s strength to forgive sins during both spiritual awakening and growth. The number also stands for distress and suffering. It represents a time when people needed God’s help and strength to overcome different difficulties and free themselves from their sins. It’s also the number of blessing that comes at the end. Israel entered the land of Canaan after 21 sins were captured against them in their wilderness wandering. God created sorrow to teach people about the consequences of their sins. However, number 21 also denotes the end of distress. For example, Jacob’s sorrow ended 21 years after. So, if you’re seeing this number often, the biblical meaning of the number 21 means you will probably overcome your sorrow once you pay for your sins.

Number 22 Biblical Meaning: Brightness and happiness

The biblical meaning of number 22 is generally positive! Twenty-two consists of two Hebrew letters: kaph-beth. They symbolize the act of giving. However, number 22 also stands for happiness and brightness in the Bible and it symbolizes the act of sharing what you have with others. Did you know that number 22 is also the number of Sonships, also known as the Sons of light? An interesting fact to know is that the term “light” was used 22 times in the Gospel of John. However, the meaning of this number is more than just brightness. It’s associated with overcoming the darkness. So, if you keep seeing this number in your life and wonder what’s the biblical hidden message behind 22, my answer to you is that it signifies the light inside you. God wants you to know that he’s proud of your courage to face the darkness.

Number 23 Biblical Meaning: Transformation. The end

Number 23 is one of the most interesting numbers in the Bible for me. It symbolizes 2 of the most beautiful things on earth, the end of something old, and transformation. It consists of two Hebrew letters: kaph-gimel which denotes the open palm in the act of rising up from death. Number 23 is also the number of death and resurrection. I’ve mentioned at the beginning, the end. However, it also symbolizes the beginning of a new life, change, transformation, resurrection, revival, and rebirth.

God’s list of 23 things worthy of death include 23 sins: unrighteousness, wickedness, murder, strife, haters of God, malice, full of envy, haters of God, deceit, unloving, insolent, evil, untrustworthy and so on basically why does this include 23 items? Other examples that prove the importance of this number in the Bible is the mention of Noah in Gen. 7:23, 23. He was mentioned exactly 23 times. If you keep seeing number 23, it’s time to focus more on your life, learn from your mistakes, free your mind and renew yourself.

Number 24 Biblical Meaning: Religion

The biblical meaning of number 24 represents priesthood and religion. Number 12 stands for perfection and the government. And since 24 is double the 12, it represents a spiritual government. According to the Bible, God gave David access to the pattern of the heavenly temple, so that he could draw the blueprints for the earthly temple that Solomon was destined to build. And among those patterns was a change of priesthood from 12 to 24 courses of priests. This is why there are total 24 of elders around the throne in Rev. 4:4 after the earthly manifestation was patterned. Number 24 might also stands for new beginnings, spiritual rebirth and love as the main feature of every character. If you keep seeing number 24, it’s time that you embrace the change and begin a new life.

Number 25 Biblical Meaning: We must forgive others

The biblical meaning of number 25 means forgiveness. It is quite an interesting number. King Jehoshaphat ruled for 25 years. The Hebrew letters: “keph” and “hey”. Keph stands for an open palm and symbolizes giving, while “hey” stands for God’s breath, the Holy Spirit and inspiration. However, number 25 is also the number of blessing. Related to number 5 which stands for grace, number 25 is one of the most beautiful and important numbers in the Bible.

In Genesis 8:6, Noah is mentioned 25 times. Noah sent a spirit to prove that the flood won’t resolve the problem. The spirit was a raven, so he sent out another raven. After, he released three doves. I do feel that in this way biblically 25 can represent freedom. If you noticed this number in your life, it means that you should forgive others and let go of your past. It’s the only way to feel free and easy and fulfilled again.

Number 26 Biblical Meaning: Gospel and revelation

The biblical meaning of 26 indicates revelations. At the end of the book of Genesis it states that there is 1534 verses. This is a multiple of the holy number of 26. This equals the divine name of YHWH. Number 26 is the number of revelation and gospel. However, there are few other interesting facts associated with this number that I would love to share with you. For example, according to some experts, number 23 is associated with karma. Meaning, it represents the person’s fight against their own karma or facing the consequences.

Additionally, Jesus Christ was 26 years old when Joseph died? Another interesting fact is that there are 26 letters in the Latin alphabet. So, if you recently noticed this number in your life, it means that you should prepare for facing your karma. Wither it’s good or bad, be prepared for what’s about to come. Also, don’t be afraid to accept the consequences of your actions and embrace change.

Number 27 Biblical Meaning: God our savior

The biblical meaning of 27 represents god himself. Number 27 consists of 2 Hebrew letters: kaph-zayin. This number symbolizes the open palm in the ministry of spiritual salvation. In my view, 27 is a representation of the power of salvation. And who can save us from ourselves, if not God, our savior? According to the Bible, it represents the weapons of our salvation which were given to use to achieve the Ministry of Salvation. Did you know that number 10 stands for law, while 7 symbolizes victory? So, number 27 appears in our life to remind us of God’s law and victory over us people and our judgments. If you keep noticing this number in your life, know that God’s trying to warn you of wrong judgment. 

Number 28 Biblical Meaning: Mortal life

There are 28 numbers in Genesis 1:1 which is the first part of the bible. The biblical meaning of 28 indicates a mortal life above the rest. Just like many numbers, number 28 consists of 2 Hebrew letters: kaph-chet. From a symbolic point of view, the number 28 stands for eternal life. However, others claim that it denotes mortal life. The number 27 symbolizes gospel, therefore, the following numbers should symbolize eternal life. Immortality is associated with the preaching of the gospel. But, there is no actual proof in the Bible that 28 is the symbol of eternal life. If you keep seeing number 28 in your life, God’s probably reminding you that life is not eternal, and you should try to enjoy yourself more. 

Number 29 Biblical Meaning: The end

The biblical meaning of 29 indicates simply the beginning. Number 29 consists of 2 Hebrew letters: kept-teth. Keph stands for the “work”, while teth denotes “serpent.” Meaning, this number symbolizes the work of the snake. If you are worried about the snake, don’t be. In terms of symbolism, it represents the act of encircling or surrounding. In biblical art, a snake is sometimes represented eating its tail. So, it forms a circle. Meaning, the number 29 is a number of departures, completeness, the end and the beginning of something. Number 29 also means that you’re about to experience a change. It will have a major impact on your life. Another interesting fact I discovered about the number 29 is that it denotes the judgment of the Spirit. Noah was mentioned 29 times in Gen. 8:18, 19. His mentioning was associated with his and his family’s departure from the ark after everything was over. The name Jesus Christ and Jerusalem were also mentioned for exactly 29 times in different parts of the Bible.

Number 30 Biblical Meaning: Christ’s blood and a new start

In the bible when people reach the age of 30 there is great significance. For example, Joesph was 30 when he stood before pharaoh in Genesis 41:46, john the baptist was 30 when he came out from the wilderness, and also David became king at 30. It is as if 30 is a stage of life of maturity.  From scripture, Judas was untrustworthy over 30 pieces of silver so we need to take this into account. It is clear that the number 30 is an important milestone in terms of reaching age but also that it can symolize untrustworthiness. Also the number 30 symbolizes new beginnings and Christ’s blood. The biblical meaning of 30 can also indicate that something will be started by others such as a new job, new relationship or new beginning!

It represents the ideal balance in the Universe. At the age of 30, Jesus Christ first started his first public ministry. One more interesting fact is that Joseph was 30 years old at the time he married Mary who was only 12!! The number 30 is mentioned in the Bible for 87 times. If you see this number frequently, it means that you’re ready for new beginnings. However, to realize that you need a change and departure from your old life, you will experience a betrayal. Also, you will probably experience something unexplainable (miracle) for the first time.

Number 31 Biblical Meaning: Rebirth

Rebirth comes naturally after Christ's blood and new beginnings. The biblical meaning of number 31 is followed by the meaning of number 30. According to the Bible, Josiah has lived in Jerusalem for 31 years. Also, the Israelites and Joshua overcame ever 31 kings at the west of Jordan. Number 31 is mentioned in the Bible 4 times only. However, the number 300 and 25 are mentioned for 31 times. An interesting thing I read during my research is that the terms “eagle” and “freedom” are also mentioned for 31 times in the Bible. This number symbolizes rebirth, so expect something to occur in your life that will transform you into a whole new person. Expect something exciting to happen in the near future. 

Number 32 Biblical Meaning: The start

The biblical meaning of 32 symbolizes the creation of something fresh and new. It symbolizes the start of a new phase and letting go of something toxic and evil. Biblically, it’s also the number of justice, truth and learning how to live your life properly. Did you know that the world was allegedly made by 32 different ways and that each way forms a mysterious path of wisdom?  Also, the Apocalypse of Abraham has a total of 32 chapters. Number 32 is also the number of letters that God wanted to share with Adam. As children of God, we have 32 teeth! What’s even more interesting is that Jesus had 32 fractured bones on the cross. As you can see, this number plays an important role in the Bible. It was mentioned 11 times. But the number 60 was also mentioned 32 times. The phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” is also mentioned 32 times. If you keep seeing the number 32, get ready for a fresh start. Also, prepare yourself to meet some unusual and interesting people on your path.

Number 33 Biblical Meaning: Stop and listen

John the baptist was age 33 and also the son of Zecariah and Elizabeth. There’s no denying that number 33 has an important meaning since Christ was 33 years old when he resurrected. Also, he performed 33 miracles in the Gospels. An interesting fact is that the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah was also 33 years old, as well as John the Baptist. David lived for 33 years in Jerusalem, while Jacob raised even 33 children with Leah, his first wife, however, if you’re counting grandchildren as well.

In the Bible, 33 is the ideal age because it was considered that the person is grown and developed at the age of 33. This number is mentioned six times in the Bible. If you’re attracted to this number or you are seeing 33 or even 333 frequently, it symbolizes your personal growth and spiritual development. The biblical meaning of 33 also indiactes that you must take heed of advice from others.

Number 34 Biblical Meaning: The father naming Jesus

The biblical meaning of number 34 is one of the most important numbers in the Holy Bible. The number 34 symbolizes identification and the naming of Jesus by his Father. It consists of 2 Hebrew letters which represent authority and a door. Number 34 is also used to identify the evil spirits. Identify yourself as the person you are in front of people, instead of presenting yourself as something that you’re not. Jesus was mentioned in Luke’s gospel. Allegedly, Jesus asked about his name and he replied: “Legion” because he was possessed by many demons. In Matthew 9:12, Jesus was also mentioned 34 times when he was calling for the sick and the sinners. Seeing this number frequently suggests that you reconsider your goals and purposes. It is possible that you want to accomplish something evil and not being completely aware.

Number 35 Biblical Meaning: Gain and happiness

One of my favorite numbers in the Bible! Number 35 signifies happiness, evolution, and peace. In biblical text number 35 is a representation of the soul. It symbolizes the place where our soul will rest after we’re dead. Number 35 is only mentioned 5 times in the Bible, however, just because of this does not mean it is insignificant. Did you know the words “creator”, “diadem”, “cross” and “eternity” are also mentioned 35 times? The biblical meaning of 35 is material gain and is a great omen. Living in a street with this number or seeing 35 over and over again indicates you’re going to encounter happiness and gain money. In some texts I have read the number 35 is associated with a gateway to better lands. In biblical numerology, the number 5 also indicates that other people will look to you for advice and 30 indicates a new phase of life as I described above.

Number 36 Biblical Meaning: Evil and enemies

The biblical meaning of the number 36 symbolizes angels! It also represents Satan, evil and enemies. There are 36 visions in the Revelation of John. An interesting fact is that the people who executed Jesus, sink the 4 nails of 36 knocks, according to some of the predictions. The Bible has 66 books written by 36 writers who included mechanics, kings, farmers, fishermen, lawyers, scientists, doctors, pastors, and others. One more exciting fact is that when you sum all the numbers from 1 to 36, they result in 666 which in Revelation, is the number of the Beast. But to see it, it doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen. You may experience disappointment in some of the people you trusted. You might lose something due to evil and dishonest intentions.

Number 37 Biblical Meaning: Holy ghost

The biblical meaning of number 37 is associated with independence. Essentially if you keep seeing 37 this is connected to new beginnings due to the digit being 10 (3+7 =10). Number 37 symbolizes Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the word of God. It’s also a number that is a representation of dignity in the old testament. Number 37 appears in our life many times, for example the official working week has 37 hours and some countries work is on average 40 hours. The number 37 occurs 4 times in the Bible. Also, it may denote birth and creations, according to traditional numerology. If you see this number frequently, it means that you’re questioning your faith.  The number 37 is also connected to the hexagonal star which denotes wisdom. If this number keeps appearing then it may also represent your own dignity and spiritual awakening.

Number 38 Biblical Meaning: Bondage

I am sorry to say, but according to the Bible, number 38 is considered as the number of sicknesses. The biblical meaning of 33 can also mean feeling trapped in life. We all have this sometimes and getting out of feeling trapped is always possible. Allegedly, Jesus cured a 38-year-old man who was ill and since then 38 biblically is considered as the number of sicknesses. However, it’s also the number of bondage. It is mentioned 5 times in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean it’s less important than other numbers. I’m afraid that number 38 is associated with bondage, slavery, and suffering. What do I think this means if you keep seeing this number? It’s a number that indicates how you feel at the moment if you’re constantly seeing it. You’re feeling trapped like someone’s forcing you to do something that’s not according to your heart’s wishes. Seeing this number foretells sickness and lack of motivation.

Number 39 Biblical Meaning: Entrapment. Illness

I am afraid that number 39 symbolizes illness and entrapment sorry it is not more positive. The biblical meaning of number 39 denotes the presence of evil spirits in the bible. For example, the blood of Jesus Christ contains 39 grains. Also, the prayer of the Glory of the Father is told 7 times, while the prayer of the Our Father is mentioned 39 times in the Bible, which makes the number 39 super important in the Bible. Number 39 is important because there are 39 books in the Old Testament, in the Bible of Ostervald. Although this number signifies negative and evil things, seeing number 39 often foretells harmony and purification. If you keep seeing this number, expect good things to occur in your life. The words “impurity” and “mischievousness” are mentioned 39 times in the Bible. 

Number 40 Biblical Meaning: Judgment, law and order:

I have already mentioned the importance of the number 40 in the bible Number, thus the number 40 is one of the most important numbers in the Bible. The biblical meaning of 40 symbolizes different significant events, among which are law, order, and judgment. However, it also signifies revelation, testing, trials, and God’s law. For example, Moses remained on the mountain for 40 days and nights before God revealed to him. Another interesting fact that I’ve discovered during my research is that Jesus Christ revealed himself 40 days after his resurrection. Noah and his family sustained the flood for 40 days and 40 nights, which is interesting because it confirms the importance of this number. Seeing the number 40 often means that you’re about to open up to someone you trust. Or someone’s ready to trust you and reveal their soul.

Number 41 Biblical Meaning: Contentment with time.

Number 41 in the bible indicates that you may feel fragile. If you have had a difficult patch the recently seeing the number 41 can represent the strength you need in order to move on. This is where your faith and in a trust is refined and also purified. The biblical meaning of number 41 indicates that you will feel safe in time. 

Number 42 Biblical Meaning: Oppression from others

Number 42 represents the natural cycles in life, but it also stands for the oppression of others. In the bible this is the number of evolution and divine power. Number 42 is the number of suffering, testing, and misfortune, sorry to say! The biblical number 42 is mentioned in the Holy Bible only 8 times. An important fact that you should know about this number is that it symbolizes the 42 generations to Jesus of Abraham and David.

The term “star” was used for exactly 42 times in the Holy Bible which is also interesting. Seeing this number in your life means that you should free yourself from all the people who steal your energy and intoxicate your brain with negative thoughts.

Number 43 Biblical Meaning: Truth and happiness

From a biblical perspective the number 43 is connected to truth. If we turn to Psalm 43 this states that truth will always come out in the end. From a biblical perspective, this number is associated with how truthful we are in daily life. Are you being truthful? Also, do you feel grateful for what you have? If not, God wants you to remember the little things that make you happy and stop grieving over things that you don’t have. Alternatively, this number stands for wisdom. You’re about to meet someone who will share wisdom and knowledge with you. You’ll feel very grateful and content for meeting this person. An interesting fact about this number is that 4+3 equals 7 which in turn represents free activity and freedom. To see this number very often means that you must find a way to boost your happiness. Also, you lack creativity and imagination. Where did your vibrant personality go?

Number 44 Biblical Meaning: How others judge. 

Biblically, the biblical meaning of number 44 is associated with judgment. But, it not always connected to how people judge you but more about how you judge people. On the contrary, it’s linked to ones way of judging others, including looking at your own actions. Also, your own opinion should matter most. According to my research, the New Testament misses 44 verses in order to reach 8000 verses. Seeing this number 44 in your life (over and over again) means that you should focus on yourself. Teach others a lesson on how to live their lives, instead of judging how other people live. It’s an interesting fact to know that number 10000 was mentioned exactly 44 times in the Holy Bible.

Number 49 Biblical Meaning: Keep going no matter what.

I love the number 49! I like the fact it is connected to "keep on keeping on." This is definitely the most favorite number because it symbolizes endurance, faith, and hope. However, number 49 also stands for humanity and the life of all living beings. Now, biblically this number represents the equality of all living creatures on this planet. However, most important of all, it gives you the courage to keep going, no matter what. This means that you shouldn’t give up when it gets hard. Keep fighting. Have you heard of the term “ascension”? It symbolizes the action of reaching an important position or a higher level on the 4th day of resurrection. The biblical meaning of number 49 symbolizes exactly that, the ascension of Jesus. Number 49 was mentioned only two times in the Bible. If you have noticed number 49 in your life, it means that you’re about to reach a higher position in society. Also, you may receive the promotion that you’ve been waiting for a long time.

Number 50 Biblical Meaning: Holy Spirit and importance in life.

Number 50 signifies the importance of life and the Holy Spirit. If you have noticed this number in your life, it means that you’re feeling complete. Also, it represents the entire Universe and how perfectly it functions. However, it symbolizes regeneration, kindness, and grace. It’s considered as one of the most natural and holiest numbers of all. It is represented as the number of feast and joy, according to my research. In the Bible, it’s mentioned 77 times. However, an interesting fact about this number is that Moses was approached by God and got the commandments 50 days after he left Egypt. Another interesting fact is that the term “soldier” is mentioned 50 times in the Bible. The biblical meaning of 50 will help us to understand ourselves better.

Number 51 Biblical Meaning: Nothing with faze one.

If we look at pslam 51 this is for David and is focused on compassion and says the phrase “have mercy on me.” I do feel that this number is connected to our grace in life. The biblical meaning of number 51 is also about the comfort of good and the fact that we must praise the father. This number deals with divine revelation and that you experience life through living it. Number 51 represents the time and divine revelation. Normally the number 51 indicates that something will amaze you, something that you never believed could happen to anyone – will happen to you. Maybe you will fall in love or get married to your soul mate. However, if you’re already in a relationship or married, you may experience something that you’ve never experienced with your partner before. When you see number 51 very often, it means that you should prepare yourself for the best time of your life. If number 50 represents the Universe, number 51 implies the power of attraction. The biblical meaning of 50 is therefore not the most straightforward. We must be careful about what you wish for because you might get it. 

Number 52: Evolution.

According to my research, the biblical meaning number 52 represents evolution. However, it also symbolizes the four elements and material food provided by our planet for our existence. Amusing fact about the number 52 is that Uzziah stayed in Jerusalem for 52 years. Also, the 7 pains of the mother of Christ, also known as the prayer of the Ave Maria is mentioned 52 times in the Bible, which proves how important number 52 is. In general, number 52 is mentioned 6 times only. However, besides representing the evolution of any living creature on this planet, this number also symbolizes the personal growth, development and inner peace. Meaning, if you see this number, it means that it’s time to focus on you and your faith. Instead of questioning yourself and God, find a way to boost your self-esteem and invest your time into doing something noble, meaningful and unforgettable.

Number 60: Thinking of the future

Interesting fact about this number isn’t only the symbolism which is associated with the future. It’s how it’s known among christians. According to my extensive research, the biblical meaning of number 60, also called “the Earth” stands for fate and future. In short, this means that if you see this number very often, you should grab destiny into your own hands and create your own future. God gave all of us the gift of mind and ability. Normally, if this number occurs in daily life it means you will yield plans that create purpose. Another interesting fact about this number is that it’s mentioned in the Bible for 32 times. Also, Solomon was surrounded by 60 knights in the “Song of Songs”. If you notice number 60 very often, the message is loud and clear. Think of the future.

Number 66: Worship The Lord

It’s expected number 66 stands for something negative and associated with Satan sorry to say. However, sometimes it is not. On the contrary, it represents the cry for help in the heart of the person who doubts God and his intentions, his existence. The biblical number 66 represents the loss of faith in God and his plan, however, it also symbolizes the intelligence of humans. An interesting fact about this number is that 66 members of Jacob’s family arrived in Egypt. Also, the New and Old Testaments, in the Bible of Ostervald have 66 books. It occurs in the Bible two times. The terms “curse” and “nude” are used for 66 times. If you’re frequently seeing this number, it means that you lack faith in yourself and in God. But, if you open your heart, and let God in, he will prove to you that he’s real.

Number 70: Difficulty and punishment.

Unfortunately, the biblical number 70 stands for punishment and difficulty. Meaning, if you keep seeing this number prepare yourself for obstacles on life’s road. No matter what you will try to accomplish, luck won’t follow your side. However, this won’t last long. Also, you’re going to experience difficulties when it comes to personal growth because number 70 is also the number of hardship, as I mentioned at the beginning.

According to the Bible, the biblical meaning of number 70 stands for universality. Saint Augustin, on the other hand, thought that this number symbolizes the completeness of the evolutionary cycle. In the Bible, number 70 is mentioned 61 times. As I continue explaining the biblical meaning and symbolism of the number 70, you will realize that it plays an important role in Christianity. Jacob raised 70 children for example.

Also, the psalmist decides that people on average should live up to 70 years. These are only a few of the many associations related to number 70 in the Bible. If you see the number 70 very often, be prepared for life changes. But don’t worry because whatever happens to you, it will make you a lot stronger than before.

Number 100 Biblical Meaning: The promised land

Number 119 Biblical Meaning: Spiritual enlightenment

Number 120 Biblical Meaning: Help and Surrender.

Number 144 Biblical Meaning: How somebody should be “spiritually” guided.

Number 200 Biblical Meaning: Insufficient.

Number 600 Biblical Meaning: War.

Number 666: Evil. Devil. Anti-Christ

Well, I have touched on this number previously (number 6) but what does it mean when you see 666? The number is also a sign of Satan. Number 666 symbolizes man since he created on the sixth day and labors six days per week. It is considered a calling of difficulties in life. The number 666 is associated with the wild beast. In Revelation 13:1, 17,18. The beast is a symbolism of the political system that is ruling over the people. The number 6 is connected to not being able to finish something. Also, the 6 three times can indicate failure (I am afraid). So If you have been seeing this number take notice! I also want to touch on the hard facts about the number 666. The first is the fertility of mind of mathematicians. The 666 symbol can be seen as the World Bank code number, Australias national bank cards, the most common size shoes sold in Europe have the stamp 666 on the souls. Therefore, 666 is used in various ways and places. 

Number 777: This is the lord's number

The number 777 symbolizes perfection and completion. Triple 7 is a positive omen. The number 7 is found in Revelation 1:20 and Genesis 7:2 – 4. That’s why the number 7 is also known as the number of God because he’s the only one ideal and complete. 

Number 888: Tree of Life + Holy Spirit equals 888 

Interestingly triple 8 indicates the complete life. It is connected to the tree of life.

Number 1000: God’s glory and divine completeness

Number 1000 is connected to a powerful spiritual meaning. We can connect these numbers with different events and people that were important and were somehow associated with the number.

Allegedly, every number has a spiritual meaning and symbolism in the Bible. And if you want to learn what hides behind all numbers, you’ll find ‘the treasures of wisdom and knowledge’ (Proverbs 25:2). Numbers in the Bible have spiritual and prophetic importance. Try to accept the fact that you need to discover the true meaning behind numbers you find interesting, just like Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Augustine, so you can find the deeper meaning. 

The biblical meaning of number sequences

If we look at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 40, 49, 50 and 70 these numbers are either literal or symbolic. They have meaning and interpretation and significance. From my work so far, you have read that the completeness stands behind the numbers: 7, 10, 40 and 100, while the number 666, as you probably know, is connected to Satan and is considered a negative symbolism, according to the book of Revelation 13:18, the last book of the New Testament portrays heaven and conflicts between evil, good and bad.


Some people remain cautious about reading into numbers. Is it important to understand their meaning and importance? The theological and mystical messages of these numbers can uncover hidden information or predict the future. Some prophetic books like Revelation and Daniel introduce an interrelated numerology system with definite patterns. And considering the nature of prophetic numerology, this study deals with some of the numbers that were mentioned in the Bible.

By Florance Saul
Feb 11, 2019