Yellow Dock Root (whole)

Yellow Dock Root

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Yellow dock has been growing all over Asia and Europe for quite a long time now.

In North America, it has been considered a common weed. The Europeans use their leaves as a vegetable, but the root as medicine. It is used in four main forms namely; dried herbs, capsule, tea, and tincture.

Yellow dock root will help to

  • Benefit digestive system, skin, and liver.
  • Treatment of bad blood.
  • Increase customers.
  • Increase money or wealth.
  • Get and keep love.

Medical uses

Yellow Dock has essential components for the digestion system, skin, as well as liver. Perhaps, the most significant use is the treatment of skin conditions that arise from poor digestion or skin condition. It has significant use in the treatment of bad blood and the underlying skin conditions that include psoriasis, eczema, and acne. The other anthraquinones in the market have a negative effect on the bowels but, in Yellow Dock, they act gently without causing the patient any pain. This is thought to be due to the tannins present in the herb. This means it is among the best remedies for constipation in the market as it does more than just stimulation of intestinal muscles.

It induces the liver to produce bile that will be used to break down fatty acids in foods thereby making them more soluble and beneficial; it treats jaundice that is caused by congestion in the system. Yellow Dock is also used in the cure of several skin conditions including psoriasis, anemias, prurigo and urticaria.

Magical uses

Yellow root has several applications in the magic world, most of them relate directly or indirectly to love, customers and money. It is used to draw or attract money, get and keep love as well as increase traffic and loyalty of business customers. To get the powers of the herb, prepare an herbal tea from a root of the Yellow Dock. Next, strain the root from the woody part and use it in to clean up the doorknobs to your office or shop, this will lead to high traffic into your premises.  For extra powers and influx of customers, add some of the tea to the water that you use in cleaning your premises.

In another instance, the yellow dock root is essential when making old Indian Love Doll, this is quite simple, just name it after your intended love, walk around with it for four weeks the sue it to make a tea that will be used in all your washings. Sprinkle some on your clothe sand witness him/her being yours and wearing the clothes.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012