Wood Betony

Wood Betony

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The scientific name for Wood Betony is Stachys Officinalis, and it has earned various other names from the wide range of users all over the world including Purple Betony, Wild Hops, Betine, Lousewort, and Betony.

The now-famous name of the herb, Betony, is said to have originated from Celtic.

Wood Betony is a unique grassland herb that grows up to a height of 1-2 feet. It has leaves sprouting directly from the stems since the herb does not have branches. The leaves are somewhat oval and tend to have a shape like a hearth at the point closer to the stalk. They are slightly wrinkled and having saw-like edges. It flowers between July and September. It grows abundantly all over Europe, parts of Asia, as well as North Africa. It grows to a larger extent in England than it does in Scotland and Wales.

Wood Betony will help to

  • Treat eczema.
  • Treat or remedy hives, shingles and eczema.
  • Treat sore throat.
  • Treat inflammation resulting from urinary tract infections.
  • Remedy gout and arthritis.
  • Increase in strength.

Medical uses

The Betony is claimed that the healing properties result from its antibacterial components. It has been used in the treatment of various diseases, especially in Europe. It was used by herbalists for the remedy and treatment of shingles, eczema, and hives. The herbalists also prepared a special tea using the plant. The tea was used in the treatment of sore throats resulting from cold, flues or allergies, as well as inflammation that resulted from complications in the urinary tract. These days, it is mixed with other drugs and used to treat various diseases and in the elimination of parasites from the digestive system.

Wood Betony has gained favor among the modern herbalists; they use it in the treatment of neuralgia, anxiety, migraines, gallstones, hypertension, heartburn, as well as reduction of sweating.  It is applied to sores and cuts to facilitate healing.

Magical uses

Wood Betony has applications among the magician as well; it is kept in the house to provide strength since it is associated to the planet Jupiter and Aries. Betony can be used to increase dominance and is helpful in spellwork that invokes confidence. Because of its association with Jupiter, it is considered lucky but whereas many plants associated with this energy are financially friendly, Wood Betony is not one. It is more helpful for ailments and to aid in healing.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012