White Oak Bark Chips

White Bark

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The White Bark tree is an average tree growing to heights of 65-85ft.

It features a light ash gray bark that normally peels from the sides, whether up bottom or right left. It’s a common tree among the Americas and Japan. However, it has been adopted and reared in other countries, mainly for commercial purposes.

White oak bark chips will help to

  • Resist spells.
  • Become fertile.
  • Offer strength.
  • Remove crossed conditions.
  • Jinxes.
  • Remove bad ghosts.

Medical uses

It is used to make barrels for the storage of aging wine due to its astringency, or in other words, the ability to tighten up and dry. The main herbal use of White Oak Bark chips is, making of herbs for improving, recovering or bringing fertility, and providing security. These have been attributed to its connection to planet Jupiter and other thunder gods. This can aid in healing or bring luck to health and wellness. The bark has contains tin, which is a major component of the planet.

Magical uses

The magicians have for a long time using it as for the provision of strength and expansion of endeavors as well as the removal of any negative magic. It is also considered lucky. Some time in history, several societies held the belief that, children were prone to bewitchment should be brought to a white oak tree, and they would offer them protection to withstand the magic. In this ritual, the herbalists drilled a hole into the white oak trunk and stuffed the lock of the child's hair into the hole and plugged. They then cut the lock for the child to carry away. This was believed to break the suspected hex. White Oak Bark chips are a common ingredient for making a magical tea that offers strength and lust. Talk about being lucky!

There are various types of oak tree. However, the one believed to have magical powers is the white oak. There is much lore around this tree which is both metaphysical and superstitious. It has been used to remove crossed conditions for many years by magicians.

The belief has it that, if the white oak chips are burnt with Wahoo bark, Rue and mistletoe, all evil will be kept at bay. A branch of the tree is said to be the best weapon to make against vampires. The spiritual rootworkers, on the other end, used a tea brewed form to take a jinx of a respective client. In this case, the clients rubbed below the neck area as prayers are said, they then dry by natural air. It is also burnt alongside mistletoe among jinxed clients, for the same purpose. Perhaps the most significant use of the bark is sending away unsettled spirits from business or home.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012