White Mustard Seeds

White Mustard Seeds

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The scientific name for the White Mustard plant is Sinapis Alpa, and it belongs to the Brassicaceae family.

Alternatively, you may call it Brassica Alba or Brassica Hirta. It is grown for three main reasons; for animal feed or simply fodder, for manure and for seeds. This plant has been confined to specific areas in and does not grow all over the world.

Its origin is traced to the Mediterranean. The plant has yellow flowers which grow into hairy pods. Each pod has six seeds that have to be harvested before they burst and scatter the seeds.

White Mustard seeds are minute, measuring 1-1.5 millimeters in diameter and with varying colors which may be light brown, yellow or beige. The seeds are used in two major ways, either toasted for dishes or whole to be used for pickling.

In most cases they are used to prepare mustard pastes as compared to the black mustard seeds which have a volatile pungent and get hydrolyzed by acids. The crushed seeds are a vital component of mustard paste. Alternatively, it is mixed with vinegar and wine both of which improve on the taste of the paste.

White mustard seeds will help to

  • Protect from dangers.
  • Guard home from evil.
  • Protect affection in the family.

Magical uses

White seeds of mustard are a strong healer and keep a strong guard of the users and their families. The protection is both physical and spiritual. The seeds offer protection and improve affection among the family members to the users when they are mixed with a love sachet or fiery wall. To get total protection in your home, mix the white seed paste with some Angelica root and put in a bag that you have to anoint with holy oil. The seeds have both magical and religious powers.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012