Wahoo Root Bark Chips

Wahoo Root Bark Chips

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Wahoo is a small tree that grows to a height of 25', and produces branches that ascend at specified times.

Some parts of the Wahoo tree have a layer of thin, rough bark for extra protection. These include the trunk and branches. It has both large and small branches, the smaller branches are light green and feature thin gray bark strips, the immature shoots are perfectly green.

Leaves of Wahoo are oval with saw-like or crenate margins. The top side of the leaves features deep green and is hairless, compared with the bottom side which is barely green as well as finely pubescent. The base of the leaves features a thin petiole measuring a length of ½”. The leaves then turn red or yellow prior to dropping off.

Wahoo root bark chips will help to

  • Decongest the liver.
  • Relieve of jaundice.
  • Relive gall problems.
  • Remove jinxes.

Medical uses

The main of use of Wahoo Root Bark Chips rotates around the liver. When boiled to make infusion,  It is one of the basic liver herbs and carries out action in one major way; decongesting the liver, consequently giving way for unlimited production and flow of bile juice which is very essential in the process of digestion. In some instances, the Wahoo Root Bark chips infusion are used to relief jaundice as well as various problems that arise from improper functioning of the gall bladder.

The problems include congestion and pain that is caused by stones, pain, inflammation, and constipation as long as it results from gall bladders and liver complications. Wahoo Root Bark infusion will be used to normalize the working of the system as long as it can be rectified by adjusting the working of the liver. The recommended dose is 5-20 drops on daily basis, with care not to overdose yourself and harm your liver.

Magical uses

The herb is known to the herbalists as Burning Bush. For long time, the magicians and so called spiritual workers have used it in taking off jinxes and this has earned their trust due to the high positive turn over. It is believed that this use was propagated by the Native Americans.

When the Wahoo Root Bark chips are made into a tea, the herbalists will use it on their clients to eliminate jinxes. This will be through bathing them as they stand in front of them and giving 7 bark chips for use at home. This will be offered alongside instructions on brewing and how to use in medicating their bath water.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012