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Violet has hearth shaped leaves, when young; the leaves roll up into two coils.

Violet flowers have a purple color and this has been expressed in their naming. However, they may be known as Pale Rope and Whit but in varied tones. The color variations can occur even to plants that are growing in the same garden.

The flowers bear five petals that have been extended at the bases, in contrast, they also have five un-proportional petals in which the lower one has been elongated into hollow spur, the lateral petals have a centre which is hairy. Anthers have been united into tubes in the all round the capsule.

The violet flowers are insect pollinated and in this case by bees. This explains why they are honey filled. However, the pollination is so rare to the extent you cant find any seed in the flowers, this results from the mechanism that the flowers always bloom prior to pollination. Many botanists have taken a lot of time studying these flowers. They have discovered various facts about them - as in autumn and spring - the flowers differ.  During the spring season, the flowers are sweet but barren. This is opposite of the spring season in which they bear no scent and can produce many seeds.

Violet can alternatively propagate through runners, scions and directly from the mother plant. It grows in plenty in Stratford-Upon-Avon and surrounding areas, these days; it is cultivated for commercial purposes.

Violet leaf cut and sifted will help to

  • Help find a new lover.

Magical uses

Violet is among the plants with the sweetest scent and flowers with a shape of hearth. For centuries now, the violet leaves are used to attract new love, to help with this; they are put in shoes before they are worn. To triple the power of the violets when doing this, use three violet leaves and wear them in the shoe for three full weeks.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012