Verbena (Vervain)

Verbena (Vervain)

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Verbena belongs to a genus that falls within the plant family known as Verbenaceae.

The family has an approximated 250 species comprising of both perennial and annual half-woody flowering plants. A good number of these species have been growing in various parts of America such as Canada and Chile since time immemorial; they have also been growing in Europe for long time. The main of these species are Vervain officials and Vervain Supine.

Verbena has unique leaves that normally form an opposite pattern, densely populated, hairy and simple. The flowers have five petals, grow amongst spikes and are quite small. They normally take various tones of blue but can as well be purple, white or pink.

The genus of the verbena genus can be categorized into diploid, polyploid North American and South American lineages respectively, either of them have chromosome base of seven. The species existing on Europe are said to be descendants of the diploid North American Species. It has been speculated that, Verbena and Glandularia the has several identical features are descendants of the plants under genus junelia. All other genera used to be classified into Verbenaceae till the last two decades. There has been double Intergeneric chloroplast transfer of genes by some unknown means which cannot be hybridization.

Vervain will help to

  • Heal wounds.
  • Give horses courage.
  • Protect from vampires.
  • Protection for evil and bewitchment.

Magical uses

The odor of vervain will give horses courage; this will be done by holding the herb above the horse’s noses. This will help you get into some of the places using the horse. In other claims, it is held that, vervain has the power to protect human beings from vampires. In addition, vervain is said to clear your mind if the vampires and other agents of darkness are using their super power to harm your reasoning. This will be done as follows: take vernain seeds and extract oil from them using any suitable means as long you add no other substance, then you may add them directly to your skin of add to bath water, You will need the leaves too, dry them and put under the pillow when you retire to bed for the night. This will offer excellent protection all the night.

The herb has for a long time been associated with the supernatural and the divine forces. In Egypt, it was being called the "tears of Isis" and later on ‘Juno's tears". And the former Greeks, it was dedicated to Eos Erigineia.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012