Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

In the past, the Egyptians used thyme to embalm corpses of special people especially those who belonged to the higher social class.

The Greeks used it in their bathrooms and temples, they associated it with courage. In the later years, rhyme use was spread all over Europe. There are claims that the use of the herb was spread so quickly through Europe as by the Romans as the used it to give their rooms a nice aroma and also for purification inn the shrines.

Thyme requires some of the best conditions in order to grow well. For instance, it is best cultivated in well drained soils and under hot and sunny climate conditions. It is planted during spring and afterwards will grow as a perennial.

There are various ways that it can be propagated and they include cuttings, dividing the rooted sections or even planting seeds. Thyme has the capability to grow in humid conditions including on the mountain top.

Thyme will help to

  • Bring about good dreams.
  • Give courage to soldiers.
  • Peaceful transition of the dead.
  • Eliminate coughs.
  • Reduce fever.

Medical uses

Thyme has active ingredients that are essential in the treatment of various diseases and recovery from various conditions. It is used in the manufacture of mouthwashes including Listerine. It was used in the medication of bandages and treating athlete’s foot. Taking a thymine tea will relieve from bronchitis, acne and coughs. The tea will as wee prevent gastric fermentation, reduce fever and recurrence of coughs. The herb will work best if used in a mixture with the other herbs.

Magical uses

It is believed that if you place some of the thyme under your pillow as you lie for the night, it will ensure you get good dreams. In the ancient Europeans civilizations especially the Romans and Greeks, it was believed that giving some of the herb to the warriors before they went out to the battleground offered them more courage. In times of death, it was a common to see thyme on coffins as this was believed to bring courage the beloved and at the same time offer create a peaceful transition to the next world.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012