Ten Bark (Cinchona) Chips

Ten Bark (Cinchona) Chips

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The ten bark tree has a woody stem and many branches.

The trees differs from shrubs in that, it has no lower branches and grows much bigger that the rather. In the case of the cinchona tree, the bark protects the inner parts of the trunk from mechanical damage and is full of dead cell.

The main role of the bark is provision of protection to inner delicate tissues which are involved in transportation of water and mineral salts all over the tree. The bark has to allow breathing of the inner parts of the plant and as such have minute pores which allow diffusion of gases in and out of the plant. As the tree gets older, the bark grows much thicker due to the large number of cells which get deposited on the outer side.

The various species of trees can be distinguished by just looking at the bark and so is the age. In some plant types such as the pines, the bark produces unpleasant resins that help it from getting attacked by animals.

In the Cinchona tree, the bark has nasty substances which make it unpalatable. The bitter substance, known as quinine, is what makes it so valuable to humans.

Cinchona chips will help to

  • Reduce illnesses resulting in fevers.
  • Guard for all diseases.
  • Ward off unnatural sickness.
  • Protect against fever.

Medical uses

The ten bark, formerly known as cinchona, is among the many species of cinchonas that the quinine used in treatment of malaria is obtained from. This is the reason for use by the herbalists to offer protection against fevers as well as get rid of the fevers.

Magical uses

The cinchona tree, just like the other entire herbal tree, has been associated with magic for a long time now. To speak from a magician’s perspective, the uses of the herbal tree are just a reflection of its real medical uses, in that if work in a small bag at the neck, it will help by warding off all the Unnatural and natural ailments that may be caused by jinxing, cursing, hexing, evil eye and other black world actions. The power of cinchona can be improved if it is mixed with assorted herbs such as Asafoetida, which has the exact of cinchona curative powers.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012