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Tansy grows naturally all over Europe and Asia.

However, it is more abundant in Europe than in Asia with exception of Siberia and a number of the Mediterranean Islands. It is said that, the early Greeks was fore in planting tansy for medical purposes. In the 16th Century, it gained prominence among the Britons and this is evident from the massive cultivation in the period.

Tansy will help to

  • Health.
  • Binding for life.
  • Longevity and immortality.
  • Treat digestive system worms.
  • Treat measles.
  • Purify the skin.
  • Eliminate joint pains.
  • Treat fevers.
  • Treat rheumatism.
  • Lighten the skin.

Medical uses

During the 8th Century AD, tansy was cultivated in the Charlemagne herb gardens by the Benedictine monks who belonged to the Saint Gall Swiss monastery. The monks used it to treat several of their congregation, for instance, they used it in the treatment of digestive problems, sores, intestinal worms, fevers and measles in which it was used to accelerate its maturity.

In the middle ages, tansy was used to for abortions where it was taken in large doses to induce abortion, on the other side, when used correctly; it was used for conception and prevention of miscarriages. During the 15th Century, various Christians started the practice of serving it with holy meals to mark the bitter herbs that were common with the Israelites. It was added to Lenten, the main meal during the commemoration and had its use it this case was to reduce flatulence that was experienced after eating pulses and fish for a long time.

In some instances, tansy was used to purify and lighten the skin, this made people look healthier and younger. In the 19th Century, some Irish tale suggested bathing in tansy solutions to get rid of pains in the joints. Despite the high rate of discreditable research for the herb, it has been recognized in relief of fever by the relevant authorities in the US. In young children, it will expel worms as long as it is taking in the right dosages.

NOTE: Tansy can induce vomiting and make a person ill. This is not an herb that should be used without medical supervision. Taking tansy tea can kill!

Magical uses

This herb has been used for protection against enemies. It was popular in funeral rituals an in wars, in particular this herb has been used in death and rebirth. The leaves of the magick herb have been known to be hidden around the body just before a funeral, this is because this particular herb's sent is suppose to help the spirit go onto a peaceful journey. The particular title "tanacetum" apparently originated from the actual Greek language term with regard to growing old. The flowers take a long time to grow. Tansy has a connection to loss of life. This magical botanical herb is also helpful in defense spells, especially in relation to blocking the particular authorities. It is good to clean the area of rituals.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012