Sumac Berry

Sumac Berry

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Sumac berry is one of 250 species of plants that belong to the genus of flowering plants known as Rhus, and falling within the family Anacardirceae.

Sumacs do well in the sub-tropical regions that have moderate temperature such as North America and Most parts of Africa. Sumacs comprise small trees and shrubs that grow to a height of 1-10 meters. They have spirally leaves which are connately compound.

However, some of the species are simple or trifoliate leaves. The flower of the Sumac berry can grow to a length of 2-12 inches and are small in size. They have petals that vary in color, from red, green, white, red though to yellow. The flower then produces fruits that from in heavy clusters known as sumac bobs. When dried, the berries can be ground to form a spice with tangy taste.

There are various ways through which the sumacs propagate, namely; new shoots, formation of colonies, birds and animals. The name sumac is traced back to the French.

Sumac berry helps to

  • Bring harmony.
  • Solves problems.
  • Gets favor in court ruling.
  • Strengthen marriages.

Magical uses                  

Sumac berry has been associated with magic. For instance, it is believed that the berry will help to solve problems and bring harmony. On being found guilty in a court case, carry nine berries in your pocket as you go for sentencing and this will help in get a lighter sentence or a fine. You can make triple strength peace water right in your home and save your marriage from collapsing by adding this herb to water and saying the 23rd psalm. All the fights, insults, or arguments will end abruptly if you put the sumacs in a jar and place the jar under your bed during love making sessions. Later, put your mixed sexual fluids in the jar, shake and sprinkle in the house.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012