Success Herbs

success herbs

Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

In the practice of Hoodoo (a traditional form of folk magic), herbs play an important role in success spell work.

These herbs are commonly used to blend in oils, spiritual oils, sprays, powders, floor washes, anointing oils and finally in a mojo bag which is carried on the person like a charm. A mojo bag includes personal artifacts such as hair, photos and any other personal possessions.

For those that practice hoodoo a success herb can be used for:

  • Good luck in gambling.
  • General good luck in life.
  • Success spells dedicated to a saint. (if carrying out a saint ritual)
  • Good fortune in business.

Herbs can also be used in candle magic. If the candle is dressed, which includes rolling the candle in the herb this makes the candle more powerful. Let’s start with defining herbs that are regarded as a means of creating success according to hoodoo lore.

Each herb needs to be genuine. It is important to review our herb dictionary to find out if any herb is poisonous, because you do not want to ingest a herb that’s meant to be put on your skin!  Most of the roots associated to success spells are intended to be burned (e.g. ginger root, peony) or simply hung around the house (e.g. aloe, blue flag, fern).

Allspice is generally burned but can also be kept intact, like alfalfa which wards off poverty, almond and bayberry brings prosperity, and good luck. Cinnamon, juniper, and peppermint, work well when combined with other successful herbs.

Here is a list of herbs that are associated with success:

  • Allspice berries = good fortune in games of chance. Provides general good luck.
  • Alkanet Root = good luck in gambling.
  • Allspice = good luck in health.
  • Basil = wealth
  • Blue Flag = money creation
  • Ginger root = “hotting” up a spell. e.g. making the success spell work quicker.
  • Cinnamon = Wealth
  • Bay leaves = success in money.
  • Almond = brings money.
  • Juniper = success and prosperity
  • Alalfa = prevents poverty.
  • Peppermint = good luck in business
  • A devils shoestring = success in money
  • Egyptian paradise, seed, guinea grains = used to help bring success when communicating with a saint.
  • Irish moss = good fortune in gambling and business.
  • Nutmeg = money spells, brings success.
  • Orange peel = wealth creation.
  • Raspberry = brings good luck.
  • Pine = used to bring luck in money.
  • Sugar = can be used to sweeten the situation to your advantage.

This brings us to the next part. How does one get all these herbs in a mojo bag? A mojo bag is prepared by sewing together a pouch of flannel material, in a color that symbolizes the purpose. The colors most relevant to prosperity and success are green, orange, purple, silver, and gold. After this has been created you bring it to life (in hoodoo terms) by praying over it, breathing on it, or smoking it with incense. The next step is to dress it, or “feed” it, with a liquid. This can be water, alcohol, or success oil. Bergamot, Jupiter, and orange oils can be used as a substitute to success oil - as these herbal remedies denote success.

One thing that is important: keep your mojo bag concealed. It is vital that you do not give your secrets away. By using the herbs listed above in your success mojo bag you will be on your way to prosperity!

By Florance Saul
Nov 29, 2012