Spanish moss

Spanish moss

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Scientifically known as Tillandsia usneoides, the Spanish Moss is a flowering plant which grows upon much large trees but is not parasitic.

It commonly grows on Quercus  virginiana  or simply the Southern live Oak and Bald Cypress which has been given a scientific name Taxodium distichum which grow in parts of the US.

Spanish moss is quite close to the beard lichen or simply Usnea, the two have no close biological relationship as many imagine, neither is the Spanish lichen part of the lichens or mosses, the name was given to if for the appearance it has that resembles lichens.

It falls within an angiosperm family known as Bromeliaceae , which commonly grows hanging from the host tree’s branches so that it could get sunlight either fully or partially. In the recent time, the Spanish moss has been associated with the genera Lophophytum, Caraguata, as well as Renealmia.

The moss grows naturally in various parts of the United States including the Virginia Beach to Argentina; the climate of the regions is warm and humid. The plant has been adopted in other places with similar climate such as Australia and Hawaii and Australia.

Despite growing on other plants, the Spanish moss does not take up nutrients from the plants as its mot parasitic, note that it is epiphytic and this means it makes food by self. Some people call them air pants due to the presence of aerial roots. In reality, it does not have any roots but rather uses its long thin and scaly stem to coil round the mother plant branches.

It has leaves that have been covered by cup like scales that have the ability to capture nutrient and moisture from the atmosphere. While the plant is not parasitic, it can sometimes damage the host tree by over-shading the leaves, thus reducing photosynthesis, or by weighing down and breaking the branches.

Spanish moss will help to

  • Improve privacy of your home.
  • Protection of the home.

Magical uses

The Spanish moss is used alongside other protective herbs like the snakeroot to provide protection for the home and keep privacy. This will keep off the troublesome enemies away and give all the peace needed.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012