Solomon’s seal root chips

Solomon’s seal root chips

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For many people, on hearing of the magick and the Solomon seal, all that they imagine or think of are the miraculous pentacles of King Solomon or the wonderful seal that king Solomon used when capturing the evil spirits, storing them in a jar and keeping control over them.

However, this is a quite different case and this will be confirmed by all with adequate experience when in herbal roots.

This is a flowering plant that falls within the Rosaceae family, formerly known as Liliaceae before scientific nomenclature was revised. It has a slim, arching stem that has alternate green or green and white top leaves that look like lance.

The Solomon plants grow well in places that have shades and most of the time they grow in shady places of the gardens as weeds. In the woodlands, they grow best, looking much bigger and greener that the garden ones.

The flowers are quite unique and tubular, white in color and symmetrical in all aspects. A good number except Polygonatum biflorum which bears flower in two rows, this is the True Solomon Seal. The Solomon seal has similar functions as those of Polygonatum odoratum and a good number of the species that fall under it including P. odoratum var, commutatum as well as the Large Solomon seal or Polygonatum officinale in the field of magick. The essential part in magick is root, which is used to make infusions, oils and incenses.

Solomon’s seal root will help to

  • Keep off the devil.
  • To be wiser like King Solomon.

Magical uses

There are quite a number of people who believe in the powers of the root in keeping off the devil and their agents. In this case, they put the roots along the window frames. It is an important ingredient in the manufacture of various formulas for control, success, mastery, clarity and wisdom.

The root has been named after the wise king of the Israelites who has been mentioned in the bible. He is said to have kept evil spirits in a jar using some miraculous seal. The root is therefore considered strong protector and people have been using it for various types of protection over the years. Its main uses are in bringing success in financial matters, when burnt alongside King Solomon incense, it is believed to make one wiser. It some instances, it is used for a  cleaning bath.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012