Snake weed (Bistort, Smart Weed)

Snake Weed

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The plant is used both as a food and a drug.

This is one of the strongest herbal medicines around. It is prescribed for various conditions and diseases. They are used to control bleeding, both the internal and external without creating any side effects for the user.

These days, the use of snakeweed as an astringent has been superseded by foreign substitute products. It has the power to heal various waterborne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.

Bistort root will help to

  • Attract money.
  • Offer protection.
  • Keep one wise on ways of spending money.
  • Stop bleeding.
  • Resist poison.
  • Stop diarrhea.
  • Stop nose bleeding.
  • To manage diabetes.
  • Cure fever.
  • Cure sore throat.

Medicinal Uses

Its other main uses are in the control of bowel related complaints, it is excellent for the cure of hemorrhages from the stomach and lungs and nose bleeding. It can be used both internally in the form of injection as well as a gargle when treating mucous discharges. Snakeweed has also been used in cure of diabetes alongside the tonics; in addition, it also has tonic effects.

In the past, herbalists used both the roots and leaves to offered powerful resistance to poisons. When combined with bitter flag root, it was essential in the cure of ague and fever before they could advance to the late stages

When added to wine, it was believed to prevent internal fluxes and bleeding and made the wine less destructive to body tissues and organs however bitter it was. This way, it was believed to prevent bruises, raptures and bursting that one is exposed to when they blows and bruises.

It was essential in preventing jaundice and in expulsion of poison of measles, smallpox and plague or any other diseases through sweating. The water made from the roots and leaves were used to clean poisons that a person could get from snakes, insect and the likes. To treat sore throat, one had to juggle the infusion of the roots and leaves. It was also used to cure all problems that pertain to teeth and the gums, from bleeding gums tom painful tooth.

Magical uses

Snakeweed is carried for money and luck, just like the other snake plants, this type will offer protection to a bearer from pretending friends and snake bites. There is close relationship between snakeweed and smartweed and both are interchangeable magically to attract money, use money wisely for generation of profits and good building projects as well as clearing one’s mind.  This is done as you add snakeweed to some money drawing or protective mojo hand. For extra luck in that matter in life, burn with fast luck incense and frankincense, this will bring you luck in a speedy manner.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012