Self heal leaves

Self heal leaves

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The self heal plant is very common in the United Kingdom and various parts of Europe.

It grows abundantly in fields and waste ground. However, the plant does well in calm undisturbed environments those in disturbed environments.

However, it will be relatively easy to distinguish it from the other members as it has flowering stalks, which many member of the order don’t have. Its flowers are arranged into regular patterns of tiers and whorls where each has six flower that don’t feature stalks, in addition, their support is provided by bracts.

Whorls differ from flower to another from six to twelve. The flower stalks are is usually short when the flower pops out and maintains the cylindrical shape all through as time goes on. Self heal does not rely on the small mullets which ripen as the calyx reddens. The plant alternatively reproduces by throwing out roots from the stems and this as a consequence lead to new plants.

The Self heal leaves have an oblong shape and feature no sharp points at all, they grow to an inch long and less that half an inch in width. The plant does not have branches thus the leaves emerge from the stems. They stand straight and strong with a rough top that has spread out hairs on both the front and back sides. The leaf outline can take various forms including being smooth or even serrated.  .

Self heal leaves will help to

  • Give strength.
  • Helps people that are ill.
  • Treat wounds.
  • Calm headache.
  • Clean throat.
  • Clean mouth.

Medical uses

You can make an herbal tea from the leaves of the self help plant and take it to get bodily strength or simply to become more powerful, however you are cautioned against taking too much of it as it may cause to you some side effect. On the other hand, the leaves can be crushed and applied on fresh cuts, bruises or wound on the human skin to accelerate the cure of the new skin through growth of new skin, in this case, the leaves help to keep away flies and microorganisms as they trigger the skin to rejuvenate faster to cover the open part.

Preparing a tea from this herb will help in relief of headaches in carious people. However, in this case, you have to make sure the right dosage is used or else it will intoxicate and cause harm to your body.

When somebody is not well, make a tea from this herb.  Mix or apply the aroma around the home or in the bedroom. This is done each to relieve the actual afflicted one also to keep the sickness from impacting visitors or perhaps family members. With regard to a better health spell, make a white mojo bag, adding angelica root as well as lavender, protection oil, and keep this under the bed.

The herb can also heal internal wounds such as sore throat and sores in the mouth. The power of the herb is increased by addition of other herbs.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012