Uncover Hidden Herbs meanings

The name Rue is also known as (Ruta) this is a strongly perfumed subshrubs that grows 20-60 centimeters tall.

There are 8 to 40 varieties of this evergreen. The Rue is also referred to as Herb-of-Grace. Frequently it's planted as an ornamental plant within gardens, especially due to its lovely leaves. The Rue is suppose to help menstruation an also any urine problems.

Rue was also used in ancient times as an abortion inducer. In Brazil the Rue is used in homemade herbal cough medicine. Early doctors regarded Rue a fantastic protection against bugs. In Europe you can get rue from any garden centre or look in woods.

As a magical herb, people carry a pinch of it and place it above the front door of their homes in order to avoid the evil eye. In Italy, a silver charm called the Sprig of rue is highly valued as a protective amulet. If you make tea out of rue and spread it around your home, it is said to protect it from evil.

Alternatively, if you bathe in the tea, it is said that you will break spells cast on you. Burning Rue can have several effects depending on what other herbs you burn it with.

If it is with verbena, mistletoe, and benzoin it will take of jinxes cast on you. On the other hand, it is with lavender flowers and sandal wood, it will attract good fortune in your love life.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012