Rose petals

Rose Petals

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Roses are woody and perennial plants that have been classified to the genus Rosa and under the family Rosaceae.

In overall, there are more than 100 different roses. Roses have various characteristics that distinguish them from other groups of plant species in that they are erect and have weak stems that get support by climbing on plants and other stable structures; they have pricks on their stems as a protective measure against animals.

Rose flowers are slightly large and may be either red, yellow on pink. Most of the roses are native to Asia, but there are others that are native to Europe, North America and North Africa. Most people grow the flowers for aesthetic purposes as they are beautiful to look at.

Roses vary in various aspects, from colour, compactness to size. Climbers can be as long as seven meters. The main advantage with the roses is their ability to interbreed quite easily as this has made easy to interbreed and come out with hybrids that suit various conditions.

Rose petals will help to

  • Attract a potential lover.
  • Keep interest of your lover.

Magical uses

Various societies have been using rose petals as symbols for various things since time immemorial. They are symbols of beauty and love in many cultures. Rose means pink or red in many languages. In the medieval ages, some Christians believed the five petals in a rose are symbolical to the five wounds of Jesus Christ, some time later, rose were symbols for Mary the mother of Jesus. Red roses were at one time adopted as a symbol of blood shed by Christian martyrs.

Magicians have for long time been using roses in love spells and charms. They are regarded essential in the charms the bring luck to all matters that matter to the hearth. The power of Rose petals is said to increase when they are blended with other love portions. They are also used in altars when people are holding prayers for their loved ones.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012