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Rose Buds Herb

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Roses are classified into genus Rosa and under family Rosaceae.

They are woody and perennial, we have more 100 types of Roses, each has different features but the basic ones are identical all over the species. On the overall, they are part of a large group of shrubs that grow straight, the may cling to other plants for support.

Their stems have pricks to arm them from enemies. The Rose flowers are quite large and mainly have three colors, red, white and yellow. However, the tones of the colors may vary. A large number of the species are said to be native to Asia, the rest are native to North Africa, Europe and North America.

Most of the roses are grown due to their beauty so as to make the environment attractive to look at. In fact, there are significant differences between the species in terms of color, fragrance, height and sizes. There are some types of roses that have stems as long as seven meters.

The main advantage of the roses is their ability to interbreed easily and this has been used to improve the quality of the roses by creating hybrids that adapt well to various environments.

Rose buds will help to

  • Attract and keep lover interested in you

Magical uses

For a long time, roses have been symbols of beauty and love. The word roe simply means red or pink when translated from various languages including Greek, Polish and Roman. The medieval Christians contrasted he five petals in a rose to five wounds of Jesus, red rose’s symbolized blood shed by Christian martyrs.

The Rose buds are used to symbolize various aspects of love such as attraction, relations and overall good luck. The magicians use Rose flowers and buds to make love charms and spells. One can also place the buds on an altar and pray for their love affairs.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012