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Red Pepper

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The red pepper belongs to a plant species known as Capsicum which is thought to originate in Central or South America.

In the Central and South America region, the Red pepper grows abundantly. These days, the pepper has spread all over the subtropical and tropical region in America and now grows in abundance. The species are in the present times native to a wide area in the Central America region as well as the Western and Northern regions of the South American continent.

It is believed that the American pepper species are predecessors to the Chinese peppers.

When the pod of Capsicum frutescens is dried, it is then known as red pepper, end is among the most pungent of the capsicum species. At times it can be identified as the Cayenne red pepper, which is the name it got after the hot chillies that are grown in the Cayenne River that is found in a river in French Guiana known as cayenne.

The pepper is of two types namely, short lived or annual perennial plants. It has a corolla that has a greenish yellow or greenish white corolla that can be insect or self fertilized. The berries of the plant grow straight in an ellipsoid or lanceloid shape.

The flowers are typically small at times one or two centimetres long and around half a centimetre in diameter. The main colours of the fruit are bright red or pale yellow but they can bear other colours too. Capsicum frutescens is much smaller of the two sub species due to lack of human breeding when compared to the other species of the capsicum.

In the recent years, capsicum frutescens has been bred in order to produce various ornamental strains of varied nature, which is as a result of the big numbers of peppers that bear different colours as they ripen. Red pepper is a common spice that is used to make foods hotter and seasoned, some of the foods to which the pepper is to be added include pickles, meats and blends.

However, the most of the Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Italian foods do actually incorporate the pepper as a main ingredient. The pepper is an ingredient in the processing of various food additives that include berbere, seasoned salt, jerk, mole negro and chilli powder

Red pepper pods will help to...

  • Work enemy tricks.
  • Perform jinxes on enemies.

Magical uses...

For quite a long time now, the red pepper pods have been commonly used in working out various enemy tricks; this is enhanced when the pepper is added to various other herbs such as goofer dust and hot foot powder. When a proper ritual is employed, they are said to jinx and enemy. The simplest way to jinx an enemy is to make the ritual and then burry it along a footpath in which they have cross.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012