Red Pepper flakes

Red Pepper flakes

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Red Pepper Flakes are also known as Crushed Red pepper.

The crushed red pepper is made out of the hot and dry red pepper and is has various ingredients that include cayenne, ancho, bell as well other species of the red peppers that have been dried and seasoned specially.

There should be care so as not to confuse the red peppers with the red bell peppers, you should note that the red bell peppers are very sweet and require very heat. Quite often there are a large number of seeds and this makes the food really hot.

Among the Italians, the crushed red peppers are equally used as salt is, this is evident from the wide use of the red pepper shakers in the Italian restaurants as well as those restaurants that offer Italian foods like the Pizza. When the red pepper has been crushed, it is used in pickling food, spaghetti sauces, sausage, chowders and soups.

In various instances, red pepper flakes have always been linked to the Italian foods. However, they are of great importance in all types of cooking regardless they are Italian or not. For instance, the Chinese food can be greatly improved if some two red pepper flakes are added to them alongside a Cajun food or even a Caribbean spice.

In short, many of the Asian foods and even the cuisines that originate in the Caribbean, South America and Latin will really be improved on addition of some pepper. Note that the red pepper flakes have various brands in which some are much hotter that others and this calls for wise decision when choosing the peppers or else you may end up with the wrong type.

On using them, always take into your mind the precautions of using the red peppers and avoid using too much. After putting too much red pepper in a dish, it will be much hard to reduce the hotness so be careful when adding it.

Red pepper flakes will help to

  • evade your enemies tricks and traps.
  • jinx an enemy.

Magical uses

Red pepper flakes are employed by people who want to evade their enemies traps and tricks, they arec an additive or ingredient in several mixtures that include crossing powder, hoy foot powder and goofer dust. They are also used when jinxing enemy and driving unwanted persons away. This happens by simply preparing some ritual and placing ion the enemy pathway to disable them

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012