Rattlesnake Master

Rattlesnake Master

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Rattlesnake Master in is among the well known perennial plants that area herbaceous in nature, it has been growing in America since time immemorial.

For instance, the Rattlesnake Master is quite common in the US; here it is common in Florida, Texas, Ohio and several other areas. In Chicago, it has a high coefficient of conservatism, 9.

It grows quite high, up to 1.8 meters. Rattlesnake Master leaves have a length ranging from 0.15-1 meter bat the width is relatively small,  less than three centimetres. The leaf margins are bristly and pointed on the fore end.

The plant produces flowers in ambles of approximately three centimetres; each of them has a diameter of 3-4mm. On maturity, the plant produces flowers with pollen that matures prior to the stigmas becoming receptive. This allows for crossbreeding. The seed rate for rattlesnake master is nearly 90 percent.

The rattlesnake master is one of the carrot family members and its appearance is quite similar to that of desert plants such as yucca. However, you will easily differentiate it from the desert plants in that, it is much taller and the appearance is a bit unique.

Rattlesnake master is closely related to a purplish plant known as Eryngium leavenworthii, which grows on annual basis. The latter species is common in the western part and does not grow in Illinois.

Rattlesnake Master will help to

  • Neutralize rattlesnake poison.
  • Protect from snakes and spells.
  • Get good fortune.

Medical uses

The ancient indians used its dried seeds as rattles. The pioneers of the theory associate it with the cure of bites from the rattlesnake; this is what gave it the name.

Magical uses

Many believers use it for protection against the power of spells and getting bitten by snakes. The protection is activated when one places some of it in their shoes before wearing. It is believed to repel the snakes from your compound. It can also be used in bringing good fortune and increasing protection.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012