Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry Leaves

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The raspberry leaves are obtained from the rasp berry plant; they have a light green color.

A raspberry plant is a shrub with straight stems, prickly canes and perennial roots. Some variety of the plants are single producing while others are multi-producers, which can affect how often the leaves are useable for teas and tonics.

Raspberry leaves will help to

  • Shorten labor in women.
  • Ease childbirth.
  • Prevent miscarriage.
  • Reduce menstrual pains.
  • Stimulate adrenaline production.
  • Increase production of milk.
  • Promote fertility in both sexes.
  • Attract good luck.
  • Fulfill desires.

Medical uses

Raspberry leaf has large amounts of tannins, minerals and vitamins. This makes it a common herb in the treatment of women, for instance, it has been relied on for a long time as a prescription for a childbirth, breastfeeding and pregnancy issues. It is believed to reduce the labor and make the process of giving birth easier. This herb has a long history dating back to 6th Century, since then; there have been various publications that prove the efficacy of the leaves in maternity issues.

In India, raspberry tea has been associated to the process of childbirth and pregnancy various herbalists, this is evident from the various publications that are available in the country. They believe that, taking the raspberry tea in that, it will help to reduce labor pains. The tea has to be taken all through the nine months of pregnancy for best results; this will balance the tone of one’s tissues, assist in contractions and check on hemorrhage. It has been said to reduce the chances of a miscarriage. It as well helps to ease menstrual pains.

In the middle-aged men, it is used to promote fertility and help the exhausted adrenal to recover. It additionally prevents hypertension, reduces depression and increases the rate and volume of milk production among women.

Magical uses

The leaves are believed to bring good luck in marriage and other family matters. It can be used to develop, maintain, hold, and watch a lover. Brew a tea using the raspberry leaves, allow it to cool and then pour over your head as you say out your lover’s name loudly and shout what you expect from them

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012