Queen Elizabeth root, whole

Queen Elizabeth root, whole

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The root can alternatively be called Orris root, this is a collective term that refers to three roots namely; Iris pallida, Iris germanica and Iris florentina.

 In the western, the former herbalists made a wide application of the herb when treating their clients. However, these days, it s main use is in making perfumes in which it is used as a base and fixative, in some instances, it is used in the processing of some types of gin. It has also been rated among the most common potpourri fixative.

The powder that is obtained from orris root and is used for culinary purposes and quite a number of the various fragrances is obtained from the rhizome of the Florentine Iris which is a member of the family that people grow for beautification of the environment.

The flowers are used to decorate both the public and private gardens in the summer and spring seasons. Be careful not to confuse with “sweet Flag” as it is at times called “flag rise”, the former is called “wild Irl” by the Americans.

Orris root powder is obtained from a rare type of Iris that is native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. Then its cultivation and use was spread to various parts of the world that include Northern Africa and India where they were cultivate for export to Southern Europe. It is the beauty of the plant that made the Greek and the Romans to name it after their rainbow goddess “Iris”.

Queen Elizabeth root will help to

  • Draw a man’s love.

Medical uses

It was a common ingredient in making perfumes among the former Greeks and Romans. It also had medicinal qualities.

Magical uses

The main use of the root is by women who want to draw more love from a woman; this is depicted by the numerous legends that have been traced to the Greek and Romans. It is said to have the power that, by far exceeds that of many lover drawing herbs. You can also use it for divine purposes.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012