Queen Elizabeth root, powder

Queen Elizabeth root, powder

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Orris root, also known as Queen Elizabeth, root is a name that signifies three roots namely; Iris Florentina, Iris pallida and Iris germanica.

In the former western societies, it was commonly used as a prescription for a range of conditioned by the herbalists.

However, these days, its use has been shifted from medical to cosmetic in that it is an important ingredient in the manufacture of perfumes these days. There are instances that it is used in the manufacture of some varieties of gin. Another common use is, as a fixative for potpourri.

One of the most fragrant species of Orris that is used for culinary purposes originates from a rhizome of the florentine Iris. This is one of the quick growing plants  that people grow for their beauty, they have magnificent blooms and this has made them among the most prevalent plants that are grown in both domestic and public gardens during the springs and summers.

Care should be taken not to confuse it with calamus that at times referred to as Wild Iris in the USA. The species of Iris from which the oris powder is obtained have a long history of cultivation among the occupants of the Mediterranean regions.

Later on, they were spread to various parts of Asia, Africa and. For a long time, the family has a beauty that has been appreciated by the generations; no wonder the former Greeks and Romans named it in honor of their goddess fro the rainbow Iris. Among the Greeks, it was commonly used in the manufacture of perfumes as an essential ingredient. Note that, the names of the subspecies also arise from former cities.

Queen Elizabeth root, powder will help to

  • Draw a man’s love.
  • Draw the gods closer.

Magical uses

The root has been said to have the powers of drawing a man closer, for this to occur, the woman has to bathe using water to which a tea brewed from the root has been added. It will draw the gods closer if hung on a thread as a pendulum.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012