Poppy flowers

Poppy flowers

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Poppy has been a planted in many people’s gardens due to its beauty and attractiveness.

In other times, the poppies are used in the commemoration and remembrance of soldiers who lose their lives during wars. The flowers have four to six petals that have a varied color and at times markings. Prior to blooming, the petals are attached to the bud in clusters and after blooming, they then lie flat and thereafter fall away. Stamens are in the center of the flowers.

Poppies will come out in various forms and have been growing in many parts of the world such as china, India, southern and central Europe for quite a long time now. There are claims that the popularity of the poppy flowers is a result of their many uses. When used for anesthetic purposes, the poppies create beautiful scenery as they exist as both annual and perennial forms.

Poppy flowers will help to

  • Symbolize death, peace and sleep
  • Attract money
  • Renew life
  • Get prophetic visions

Medical uses

The poppy flowers have since time immemorial been used in the processing of drugs and in the preparation of foods, these days their use is quite limited and monitored by various international agencies.

Magical uses

For a long time now, they have been regarded as symbols of death, peace and sleep. This is attributed to their main ingredient which is known as opium. In ancient Greek and Rome they were related to death due to their red color and were common gifts for the dead during memorials. In some occasions, they are used as emblems of the tombstones that signify eternal sleep.

In the previous century, they symbolized renewal of life. These days they are said to induce visions that help the users to get money. Inhaling their scent will give prophetic visions.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012