Pine needles

Pine Needles

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Pine means a wide variety of trees that belong to genus Pinus, family Pinaceae and sub family known as Pinaceae.

It is estimated that the entire pine family has a nearly 155 species, there has been some disagreement by the relevant authorities with some saying they are 105 and 125 respectively.

Pines are said to have more than four varieties of pine leaves in which pine needles are inclusive. The adult leaves are usually green and bundled in one to six. Each of the fascicle grows out of a bud which originates in leave’s axils. Through the life of the plant, the bud scales are said to be part of the fascicle in the form of a basal sheath.

Pine needles live up to forty years in accordance with the specie type. The function of the needle fascicles is regeneration of lost leaves when the shoot gets damaged through various activities which normally include getting eaten by animals.

The pine species are used for beautification purposes. They rate common in live fences and ornamental trees that are planted in public and residential places; this is enhanced by their beauty. The type of pine planted is dependent on the area of the place that it will be grown in, when the area is quite small, the dwarf pine species are planted and when it is big, the giant species are planted.

Pines can also be used for commercial, purpose, for instance, they can be grown and used as Christmas trees when the season approaches. Pine cones known as craft favourites are the hugest and most common of the entire conifer cones. Pine boughs are loved by many during the winters due to their sweet smell and evergreen leaves, this is the reason why they are commonly cat and used for decoration purpose.

Pine needles will help to

  • Clean the spirit
  • Clean incense
  • Improve on quality of incense
  • Clean the mind
  • Attract money

Magical uses

Due to their evergreen nature, pines are used in spiritual cleansing, in the recent past; they have been used to clean incense and at times add flavour to it.  When used in bath water, they are said to clean the mind and improve reasoning. Pine oil, which is which is a commercial cleaner is used to uncross home while the smell of pine is used to attract money. The power of pine is enhanced when added to nutmeg, Cinnamon or bayberry.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012