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Periwinkle has been named Catharanthus roseus, its common name is Madagascar periwinkle.

It has been grown and used in Madagascar from time immemorial and has been classified into species Cathatranthus, the periwinkle has been given various other scientific names including Ammocalis Rosea, Lochnera Rosea and Vinca Rosea. It also has various English names to which it is commonly referred to; they include Old Maid, Cape Periwinkle, and Rose Periwinkle.

The plant is currently facing extinction in Madagascar as it is getting eliminated from the natural settings. The extinction results from the clearing of forests as well as burning in order to pave way fro cultivation. However, in most parts of the world it has been adopted by farmers and is reared along side other plants ion the farms.

The Periwinkle looks hairy and is quit simple and branched; the normal height of the periwinkle is around half of a meter. The stem are partially woody while the leaves are oblong measuring approximately five centimetres in length, with a round tip and pointed base. The periwinkle flowers are coloured pink, white or red and measure approximately five centimetres across.

The calyx has green lobes that are quite slender and measuring less than half a centimetre long. The corolla lube has a slender appearance which has length of around three centimetres and coloured light green. The limb of the flower has obovate leaves that measure 1.7 to 2.5 centimetres lengthwise. It has a hairy fruity that has a cylindrical follicle whose length is approximately three centimetres.

Periwinkle will help to

  • Eliminate malaria, diabetes and other diseases.
  • Bring pleasure and happiness in marriage.
  • Bring faithfulness in marriage.

Extracts from periwinkle are used to treat a wide range of diseases that include malaria, leukaemia and diabetes. However, the diseases to be cured are so many and it is believed that the power of periwinkle is increased on addition to other herbs.

Magical uses

It is said to create happiness between couples and improve their love making sessions especially when sewn on to the mattress. This is believed to be true due to the clinging nature of the periwinkle. The leaves can be sewn together with the magnolia leaves in order to improve the powers of spells.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012