Pepper, black

Pepper, black

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The scientific name for the Black Pepper is Piper nigrum.

It can be defined as a flowering plant that belongs to the vine family which is simply known as piperaceae, the plant is grown as its fruit has various benefits, it is used in spicing and seasoning food when dried. A dry black pepper is known as peppercorn and has a diameter of half a centimetre.

A fully mature black pepper has a red colour and contains one seed just like the drupes. Whichever the form you use them, either as peppercorn or powder form, they are still known as pepper. The black pepper is native to parts of such as China and the southern parts; it has been cultivated extensively in those places and some other tropical regions.

When the paper is ground and allowed to dry up, it acquires good flavour and curative properties. Among the world renowned spices all over the globe are the black pepper, it has is among the essential additives to the European cuisine and its family. The spice has a good taste due to the inclusive chemical known as piperine.

However, the pepper loses taste quickly when ground. Black pepper is among the essentials for the chefs and to keep the taste, they grind it prior to cooking. In the developed countries, the pepper comes along with salt and is thus a common spice.

Despite the widespread use of the pepper these days, there was a time it was a rare commodity that was exorbitantly priced by the traders. In the past, the black pepper was mostly obtained from Malabar Coast in India, which is to the southwest. The Indians exchanged the commodity with their neighbours but later on, it spread out to Greece, China and the Roman Empire. Note that, the spice was so rare that outside the Southern Asia it was a giffen good.

Black pepper will help to

  • Stimulate circulatory and digestive system.
  • Protect from enemies.
  • Send the witch away.

Medical Users

The pepper depresses the central nervous system and as well has the antimicrobial and anticonvulsant attributes. It activates both the circulatory and digestive systems.

Magical uses

It is used in the world of magic for various uses that include offering protection to the user and driving away enemies. When hid under the enemy'sā€™ doorstep, it calms them.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012