Pennyroyal leaves

Pennyroyal leaves

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By saying Pennyroyal, we are referring to two members of the mint family, better known as Lamiaceae.

The first type called European pennyroyal or rather Mentha pulegium belongs to the a genus known as mint which lies within the Lamiaceae family . When the pennyroyal leaves are crushed, they produce a strong like that of spearmint in that it is equally strong as the rather.

Pennyroyal herb is a folk remedy, abortifacient and traditional culinary plant. Among the most significant use of the herb is in aromatherapy, it has been proven to contain pulegone, this is a very toxic natural substance that has adverse effects on the functioning of various organs including the uterus and the liver.

Among the traditional German and Roman cultures, it was a common additive to food in which it improved the taste, for the traditional Greek cultures, the herb was used to add taste and flavour wine. By looking at the Roman book known as Apicius which was used as a cooking guide, we get that the Pennyroyal was a widely used herb when it came to matters of cooking, to further improve on the taste of the food produced, other herbs that include lovage, coriander and oregano were added  to the food. These days, the use of Pennyroyal in food preparation is insignificant, probably due to the expected side effects.

Pennyroyal leaves will help to

  • Stimulate menstruation flow.
  • Keep off the devil
  • Relieve flatulence
  • Reduce stomach pains and upsets

Medical uses

Note that using a large amount of the herb will cause serious negative effects on your health. The herb is used in the form of a tea in most of the times, it helps to stimulate menstrual flow and in abortion. Other uses include settling stomach upsets and relieving one from flatulence.

Magical uses

Pennyroyal, guards against any evil that may beget a person. It is also used to break jinxes especially when mixed with graveyard dirt and nettle and then left on cloth and hair for a full night. It will also bring protection and calmness in your home, this happens when you burn it as incense.

By Florance Saul
Aug 29, 2012