Passion flower

Passion Flower

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The scientific name for this plant is Passiflora incarnata.

This is a real passion flower, wild passion vine and wild apricot with a quick growing vine that intertwines to other plants for support as it has very weak stems. It has big flowers that have prominent stamens and styles. In the US it’s among the most common plants.

In South America, passion flower is native, in Europe, it has been introduced and farmers can now cultivate it freely. The plant is perennial and clings to trees with a strong support since its stem is slightly weak to support the other parts. The entire length of the passion flower is thirty meters and the flowers have five petals that have a white colour, the sepals have different colours but the main ones are blue and magenta.

Passionflower will help to

  • Calm hysteria, anxiety, seizures and insomnia
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Improving love
  • Increase luck in life

Medical uses

Among the Native Americans and Europeans, it was used to calm anxiety, hysteria, seizures and insomnia, these days, it is quite common in the treatment of insomnia. Some scientific study carried out to ascertain the efficacy of the herb showed that a special tea of the passionflower will induce better sleep. In Europe, the herb is a common additive to teas.

Magical uses

In the world of magic, the passion flower is commonly used in love related issues where it is an ingredient for the various charms, potions and spells that are meant to increase, or find love. Many claim that the use of the plant to increase love is due to its clinging nature. The flower r has been used in various occasions to bring peace and attract blessings.  To increase the amount of love your lover gives you, carry along in a small red bag when you are to meet.

By Flo Saul
Aug 29, 2012